1. ronblade's Avatar
    I will suggest for the third one as I am using it from a few days. It lasts a good time. But it takes a little bit long time to become charged I think. Looking for something new.
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    2009-11-03 11:35 AM
  2. rsua19's Avatar
    your honestly the man iblade! its taken me seriously forever to find videos and **** how to make this but you had the only legit advice and pics on how to make this. soldering was the only tough part for me but it was fun to try and learn, and it really was a cheap, creative, and useful christmas gift thanks a million dude i subscribed to this site because of you lol really appreciate it!
    2009-12-27 12:52 PM
  3. Anakumulos's Avatar
    Thank you to everyone that has worked on this, but I have a problem. My iTouch cable broke during an airline flight as it slipped out of my suitcase and got jammed in the overhead door. I then knew that I finally had a reason to make a little "Emergency charger" for my iTouch. I have the 4th gen, and I have figured out that my ipod will only charge when i do mix the Data and positive power cables together. I don't know if I should add in the resistors because my parents really don't want me working with electronic things. Can you help?
    2011-06-22 09:22 PM
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