1. unplug's Avatar
    Well i have the blueant z9 and heres my small personal review.

    -when you change to voice isolation the voice quality is amazing for the other person, and when you increase the volume i have no problems hearing them. I've done this while going 60-70km/h with the windows 90% down.

    -Small and lightweight, doesnt look bad and after you put it on your ear after 2-3mins you wont even feel it.

    -In regular modes its call quality is amazing, and usually when i walk away to my phone the static is horrible but with this its tolerable

    -two microphones, so very beneficial to person on other end of the call


    -Battery life is 5h consecutive talk, i prefer something with like 7

    -Wish it had a carrying case, i need something to carry it besides my pocket

    overall i love this bluetooth, it does what it says it will
    i have to give it a 9/10, and if battery life was a tad longer (which only applies to me caus i do use my phone alot) i'd get a 10/10

    p.s i was bored at work and decided to post this
    2008-04-11 07:38 AM
  2. fobsternd's Avatar
    2008-04-11 10:59 PM
  3. unplug's Avatar
    well thats a music bluetooth headset
    however the blueant is more of a voice headset and we'll they've designed it so that your conversations are amazing.
    2008-04-12 01:44 AM
  4. canadoc's Avatar
    2 things I discovered:

    1) you can update firmware on this. I bought mine with f/w 3.2 on it and th wife said I sounded not so great. Updated to firmware 3.4- latest and call quality is much improved

    2) there is a metal clip on the body that works like a tie clasp so when not wearing you could in fact clip it to your shirt collar/neck
    2008-04-12 03:45 AM
  5. 96hondaex's Avatar
    I'm waiting for the Invisio Q7. Anyone know the exact release date for it?
    2008-04-12 04:13 AM