1. Garage Battle's Avatar
    I just purchased a t605 hands free kit for my car to use with my iPhone. After taking the time to install it properly, I can tell you that it works great. It finds the iPhone within about 15 seconds of starting the car, hands the calls off perfectly between the phone and the hands free.

    No weird things going on. I also have it connected to my after market stereo, so it will auto mute my stereo. Works perfect. For the money and safety I highly recommend it.
    2008-04-13 03:58 PM
  2. doan_1's Avatar
    Instead of starting a new thread. how have the 3.0 users found the t605? mine leaves a lot to be desired in the A2DP capabilities. I have found that the audio has a "cruchy" sound to the high end frequecies of music. Like the iPhone's A2DP volume level is too high and causing and overload distortion. Bass and Mid frequencies aree near perfect. Its just the mid-high to high.
    2009-07-02 07:14 PM
  3. Garage Battle's Avatar
    same here.

    im going to fish the manual out, see if there isnt a way to disable a2dp
    2009-07-05 04:36 AM