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    I recently got this new accessory for my iphone. Yes it can alo work with iPODs, but it also works with the iTouch and iPhone.

    Installation out of the box was a breeze. Literally one just had to take the unit out of the box, plug in the power supply, attach the correct adapter mount for a snug fit on the iPhone and enjoy. What is most impressive, is when you set it up on a table top. It just looks very designer looking, and mates extremely well with iPhone.

    Upon attaching the iPhone onto the dock, the iphone will greet one with an option to turn off all wireless transmission for compatibility, or let it be on. Leaving it on, It will also charge the iphone. I found leaving the cell part on caused major mahem everytime the cell network refreshed, an SMS message or a phone call came in, the JBL ontime would go ballistic with the nice built in LCD on the unit flickering like crazy, and horrible 2G buzzing noises coming out through the speakers, way above the audible volume of the music playing simultaneously. So on this experience, I would recommend when prompted to select plane mode whenever docked to get the best experience from this combo. For wireless only users, like iTouch leaving wireless on, it not a problem, and both can work simultaneously without interference. iPhone more advanced users can use the latest "Boss Prefs" which can turn on the wireless, while leaving the phone off. Nice work here.

    The unit sports surprisingly easy to use array of dedicated buttons that control the audio source which includes auxiliary in, FM/AM radio and of course iPOD, which of course works with iphone. Dedicated alarm on and off buttons for the dual alarms was a nice touch. Nice indicators on the built in blue LCD gives information like time, both set alarm times as well as showing settings like weekday or weekend settings, and the status of the alarm. On the top of the dome there is a nice sized snooze button which also doubles as a baffle for the single top firing high range speaker.

    On powering up the iPOD source, the iphone if already docked in off mode, will not powerup, but rather remain is pseudo standby, and the last playlist from the last position will play back. There is no equalization setting on the unit, only volume, and source selection from radio to ipod modes. Any kind of equalization has to be done within the iPhone itself if required. If the iPhone is already on when you select the iPod source on the unit, the iPhone will switch into iPod mode and happily let you select tracks and show off album art. I personally like leaving the iphone on while the unit is playing, as this is the only way one will be able skip tracks, since the main unit does not do it.

    Sound quality wise this unit is hard to fault, considering it is meant to be a bed side alarm clock. A single top firing high range tweeter give a very spatial or spacial imaging. The stereo midrange drivers, provide rich stereo sound, with surprisingly well produced bass tones. Overall the sound of the unit is very pleasant to listen to, and ones ears will not be fatigued from listening for extended periods.

    A nice feature is it has auto dimming LCD and LEDs that illuminate the iphone which docked. This can also be set manually, if required, and a useful setting to off is also available for those who want complete darkness whist sleeping.

    One thing missing from the JBL Ontime, is a wireless remote control. Other iPhone like alarm clocks do sport this feature, but I guess since the primary purpose of the JBL Ontime is to serve as a bedside alarm clock, and not really a standalone unit, although the sound far surpasses alot of radio styled alarm clocks out there.

    Is it a piece of art, a music player, or alarm clock. JBL Ontime is really quite a nice unit both aesthetically and audibly quite refreshing. The gentle glow from the blue backlit dot matrix LCD and relatively user friendly dedicated buttons, makes it a joy to use, all times of the day.

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    2008-04-26 01:21 AM
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    Only problem with putting the phone to plane node is that it can't receive calls. Any other suggestion re stopping the noise but letting the phone charge and receive calls pls?
    2011-02-07 03:19 AM
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