1. gottistar's Avatar
    it is me only,that the ear buds im forever putting them back in my ears like every 2mins , they just dont sit in my ears well, have i got funny shaped ear-canal??

    i dunno, has anyone else got this problem?? or there just "not" well shaped ear buds???
    i need some opions please.............cheers :
    2007-11-02 01:03 PM
  2. pmas's Avatar
    Yes, the ear buds that come with the phone are very basic. The sound is mediocre and the universal fit is not very snug. There are a number of ear buds available that far exceed the apple ones in many ways. I love my Bose with small, medium and large gel like adapters to fit any ear snugly, while building incredible sound(though a bit too much bass for some people's taste). The only thing negative is that there is no microphone/clicker thing for calls and for advancing the ipod tracks.
    2007-11-02 01:41 PM