1. kasio48's Avatar
    Dude! You've left me speechless ;-)...that was a really nice one mate….hope we can pull more of this kind
    2008-07-02 12:59 PM
  2. stormlifter's Avatar
    Just wanted to let people know that I talked with V-Moda and they said that they were going to release a new version of their Vibe Duo earphones that address the issues with the quality.

    Here is the e-mail: There have been defective batches that have come out in the past. Our new and improved generation of headphones will be out next month!

    Rock on,
    V-MODA Customer Service
    2008-07-09 06:57 AM
  3. Ikemann888's Avatar
    Use this for 2 weeks now. Sound quality is very very good, deep bass, clear mid, & crisp high, no need to turn on EQ. Much better than a stock head set.

    Very good for music & movie, not good for phone calls, you will hear yourself huming in your head while talk on the phone with this head set.

    So worry after read a lot of negative reviews on interent, such as left or right of the head set not working with in a month, some even say within a week. The earpieces falling apart within couple of months, etc.

    Hope mine will last longer.
    2008-07-10 01:49 AM
  4. jtesnani's Avatar
    i've had mine since jan 2008 and the left ear just died today. not sure why. i really like them so will ship them out for an warranty exchange tomorrow...
    2008-07-22 05:11 AM
  5. zoolander369's Avatar
    I've gone through TWO pairs of these. They break really easy. It's like a the cord at the base is prone to dying after 3 months. Nice design, great sound, but poor quality construction, IMO.
    2008-07-29 02:50 AM
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