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    Do you have the name of the seller that you bought the cable from? And is it 3.0.1 compatible? I am tired of apple suppressing any competition.

    Hey guys, Looks like our Chinese brothers over in Asia did the work for us.

    After much frustration with 3.0 messing up my iPhone 3G's DX cables (which worked fine on 2.2.1), I decided to go looking on eBay.

    I bought one that was labeled both "ORIGINAL" and "iPHONE 3GS" from Hong Kong for $19.99 shipped! Although it says "original," I'm a bit doubtful of that, I really don't think it's OEM. That said, and most importantly, the cables WORK!!! Also, the build-quality is quite nice! I doubt the casual observer would even notice they're not real.

    In my opinion, $19.99 & a week or two of waiting beats paying Apple $50 for some damn cables just so we can listen/watch
    OUR music/movies in the way we want to!!

    Oh yeah a few tips:

    • They do not come with a charger.

    • None of that pretty packaging you'd get from Apple (no box, mine came in a bubble wrapped envelope)

    • Be careful not to confuse COMPONENT (Red, Green, Blue + Red, White) with COMPOSITE outputs
      (Red, White, Yellow)
    2009-10-23 06:49 PM
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