1. macky801's Avatar
    Now I have set up an auxiliary input for the iPhone using the shnod3, however, I was wondering which cable will hook up to the shnod3 and deliver audio and power to the iPhone, and at the same time allow for you to use the steering wheel of your car to control the iphone, next track, previous track, etc.?

    I know about iceLink, but I heard that is incompatible with the iPhone...

    2007-12-02 12:28 AM
  2. larbel's Avatar
    I have Dension's newer Gateway 500 on one car and the older Ice-Link plus on my 2nd car. The Gateway 500 which claimed to be iPhone compatible simply doesn't work for me... When it's plugged in, it keeps switching between springboard and iPod menu making it totally unusable. But on the other hand, the Ice-Link Plus which is said to be incompatible works flawless for me... It charges, ID tag display, full steering wheel controls. And music fades out as usually when there's incoming call, I just answer it with my BT headset. They're dirt cheap now on eBay, it's the best iPod/iPhone accessory I have so far
    2007-12-07 08:31 AM