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    I was looking for screen protector for my iPhone, mainly because I was tired of cleaning off the finger prints and smudges from the screen every time I used the phone.

    I found many screen protectors for the iPhone, but very few of them claimed to be fingerprint free.

    So I ended up founding the Smartphone Experts Screen Protector for Apple iPhone.

    These Screen Protectors are the best protection for your Apple iPhone. Not only does it protect your display, but it also enhances it!

    * Anti-Glare
    * Protects sensitive display against scratches
    * Dust repelling
    * Fingerprint free
    * Washable and reusable

    This screen protector's unique material enhances your screen by reducing the distractive glare that is caused by reflected light. The surface is not textured like other screen protectors, so the smooth feel of your Apple iPhone display is left unchanged.

    These Screen Protectors are very easy to apply and remove. Unlike other screen protectors, you don't have to apply it perfectly on the first try! Simply remove the screen protector using a piece of scotch tape, and try again! If dust gets trapped under the screen protector, simply wash it away with water and apply again
    As you can see, the manufacturer says it is fingerprint free and dust repelling. It seemed to match all my requirements. So I bought it from store.everythingicafe.com (which is a very good store by the way). It costs US$ 15.95 dollars plus shipping and it comes with 3 screen protectors which you can apply to the iPhone without any solutions to stick, unlike other screen protectors.

    Unfortunately I have to say that It is nothing I was expecting, below are some negative points, which for me were the most important.

    1- It is not dust repelling, right before applying to the iPhone screen it gets very dusty, even after washing up it stills somehow attracting dust into it.

    2- It doesn't stick very well on the iPhone screen, after applying you can notice the edges not well sticked to the screen, even after applying some pressure to it.

    3- The bubbles are difficult to remove, you have to use a credit card or your finger nails to remove them. This product also doesn't come with any bubble remover tool.

    4- It is not easy to take it off. Unlike other screen protectors that you just have to stick a tape on the edge of it and pull it out. This one has to be removed with the fingernail.


    6- It changes the screen view, after applied the screen seems to be somehow dirty.

    - So this product doesn't worth a dime?
    Ok, the only positive thing I can see is the fingerprint free feature. It does prevent the screen from getting those annoying fingerprints.
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