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  1. preston03's Avatar
    i like the slide on case for first gen. DO they ahve any out for the 3g iphone? I like my rubber case i got from att but i want a littttle more protection for it. input please
    2008-07-15 10:08 PM
  2. Aiyo's Avatar
    Google please

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    2008-07-15 10:25 PM
  3. jrod_15's Avatar
    contour has one called ...Isee, real nice case
    2008-07-16 02:48 AM
  4. agi2002's Avatar
    I have the black leather one from griffin... its really good!
    Griffin Technology: Elan Form for iPhone 3G
    2008-08-10 04:28 PM
  5. DocGo's Avatar
    I had the Griffin Elan Form as well but I felt the case is a bit bulky and even though it has leather, it makes the case too slippery for my comfort. I have decided to just use BSE in the end. I might get a silicon case from Belkin in the future. Most silicon cases made for a 2G iphone can fit a 3G too since they can stretch and accomodate the 3G.
    2008-08-10 05:04 PM