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  1. equlizer's Avatar
    What do you think is better for the iphone (3g)? Right now i have a "Zcover" silicone case cause i believe it will protect better from the shock of drop and keep scratches off. I dont think ive ever had a hard case for a phone

    what does everyone here use/prefer?
    2008-07-19 09:09 AM
  2.'s Avatar
    I use the Agent 18 or I have a belt clip that the phone just snaps into, The one I have wont allow a skin or other protection on it, But I like this one because it is low profile and stays close to my body. Some of the other ones I tried stuck out kind of far. The only problem I have with the soft covers is from past experience. I used several of these on my last phone a TREO and they kept stretching out then kind of hanging off of the phone just looked bad, I even tried different manufactures.

    When I finally upgrade I think I will go with something like the intelligent skin(??) or what ever it is called and a belt holster like I have now.
    2008-07-19 02:02 PM
  3. zoolander369's Avatar
    The Revo2 from iskin is what I'm leaning towards. Skins do a better job at absorbing impact from falls and bumps. Only thing I don't like about skins is that they stick to your pockets when compared to hard cases.
    2008-07-29 01:16 AM
  4. boriqua777's Avatar
    i skin revo is the best agent 18 scratched my case
    2008-08-07 03:28 AM
  5. aurther11's Avatar
    I prefer two cases 1) Incase Slider 2) invisibleSHIELD
    2012-01-17 01:55 PM