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    Ultimate Buds UB5 Headphone Review

    I received my Ultimate Buds UB5 headphones today, very well packaged and with very fast delivery. Upon opening the packaging, I was greeted with an incredibly nice box, looking very professional, with a nice pouch inside to hold the headphones. Included along with the pouch were 3 seperate earbuds of different sizes, and the headphones.

    The headphones are very durable. The black metal construction, although not heavy on the ear, is extremely well made. They will not fall apart no matter what you put them through. What I really liked about these is that the headphone jack is also metal, and is quite long, so you can actually get a nice grip on it. That being said, the cable length is slightly shorter than most premium headphones, but is made out of very good material, so as to not make unwanted noise (A la Skullcandy) when bumped. I would say that the cable quality is very good. The cable from the strong metal headphone jack is quite thick, the splitter is also metal, and the wires going to the headphones themselves, while thin, are very strong... I tried pulling them with a reasonable amount of force and they did not seperate.

    The fit of the headphones is quite nice, although I would have liked the in ear buds to offer more outside noise isolation. They rest very comfortably in the ear, and do not feel heavy at all. After a few hours of listening, I felt no discomfort as is felt with most other headphones in this price range.

    The microphone looks exactly like the native iPhone microphone, small and lightweight, but works much better. The integrated windscreen makes a huge difference. When speaking with someone in a fairly windy area, the other party heard everything perfectly, and did not once ask me to repeat anything. My voice sounded crisp, clear with no echo or distance.

    Finally, the most important aspect of the headphone, the sound quality. These headphones are not made for bass. When listening to hip hop or techno music, there was little low frequency (oomph) bass response. That being said, there was not a lack of bass, just no oomph. When listening to other types of music, such as rock or dance music, the higher frequency bass was more than adequate. If you are a someone who likes bass without caring about sound quality (exclusively listen to hip hop or techno), then you may want to look elsewhere. The lack of oomph is for the low frequencies. Metal would be fine because the frequencies are higher. I would say that there is more than adequate bass for anything other than techno and hip hop which focus on lower frequency bass. Bass is still 100000000x better than the original apple headphones. If you listen to other types of music, which don`t have much low frequency bass, the sound quality is PHENOMENAL. The highs and mids are a symphony of greatness, so accurately reflected that when you close your eyes, you could believe that you are actually in a live concert with the band playing right in front of you. The differences between highs, mids and lows are so distinct, that you could swear that there are 3 different speakers inside the headphone. I`m talking Shure quality at a much lower price. I love these headphones.

    For $49.99, these headphones are a great bet. The construction is durable, the microphone is small and works great, but the sound quality is just incredible. Get these headphones if you like listening to your music the way it was made to sound. Again, if you like low frequency bass, as in hip hop and techno music, get Skullcandy, where the bass will overpower your ears. The Ultimate Buds UB5s are made for people to enjoy their music, so enjoy!


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    I found the sound quality to be pretty unacceptable, but I'm an audiophile, so all cheap crap sounds like, well, cheap crap.

    The highs lows and mids are very separated, you can hear all the tones, but it cannot transition from one to the other, there are some very noticeable gaps.

    If you want to hear music the way it was meant to sound get some SoundLab Electrostatic speakers.. their cheapest line are the legacy bookshelf speakers, they run about $2000/pair.

    And I bet I could make them fall apart with a hammer
    Yeah I wouldn't expect much from a $50 pair of IEMs either.. but when your source is just an iPhone.. the best speakers/headphones in the world won't sound that great anyways.
    2008-07-24 08:52 PM