1. ivanivan's Avatar
    I paired my Iphone with the bluetooth nokia car set (nokia CR 1W in my wife's car and CR7W in mine) and ran into a problem.
    It is paired. I can talk, they hear me on the other side, BUT they have a big echo (resounding) they hear themselves back as they talk. What I discovered: When I log to the car set, my Iphone mic is not muted. basically I have two working mics at a same time. (the car's and the phone's) I tried to mute the overall phone. Result a 100% mute even on the car's mic. I tried to switch of the speaker of the phone. did not help either.
    If I cover the phone's mic while I talk on the car kit, the problem is off. But it is not a hand free solution.

    Did you have the same problem? If yes how did you solve?
    2008-01-16 08:27 PM
  2. davidmbell's Avatar
    Returning to an old thread here, but my other half has a 2G iPhone that he's just bought 2nd hand. He also has the Nokia Bluetooth car kit, and has the very same problems. The mic on the iPhone is not muted during calls, so whenever I ring him I hear myself back through the iphone half a second later. Its most disturbing.

    The only way he's sorted it is bluetack over the iphone mic, but can anyone think why the iphone would do this?

    Does it mute the iphone mic when other bluetooth hardware is used?


    Its Jailbroken if there's something out there to help.


    2008-07-15 01:48 PM
  3. davidmbell's Avatar
    Done a bit more experimenting with this. It seems the Iphone 2g DOES mute its own mic when using the car kit, but there's something not right with the actual car kit mic when using the iPhone. Is it to do with echo suppression and echo cancellation in the iphone.

    I got someone to call me in the car, and they heard themselves back as an echo but could also hear me. To eliminate the iphone mic I got out of the car, iphone in hand, and the caller could no longer hear me talking - but was still getting the echo on themselves when they spoke - proving the iphone cuts its own mic, uses the cars mic, but has issues on echo cancellation on the in car kit.

    Incidentally I did however try MY iphone 3g in the same scenario - same car etc and that works a treat. So if you don't need the 2g phone that you have Jailbroken I'd see if upgrading to 2.0 will fix this niggle.

    My other half needs the phone jailbroken, so will have to see what hapens once 2.0 is jailbroken and if upgrading to that, then jailbreaking it works.

    2008-07-17 05:06 PM
  4. bornstein75's Avatar
    Hi David,

    so what you are saying is that with a 2g iphone, it does mute it's mic, and so the nokia car kit is the problem and it's mic echoes.....if this is the case, how come when using it with a Nokia phone it doesn't echo?

    Also are you saying the the 3g iphone with version 2 software solves the echo problem with the Nokia car kit?

    2008-07-18 04:56 AM
  5. davidmbell's Avatar
    Hi Brian sorry for taking so long to get back to you. My findings are, that the new 3G phone has built in echo cancellation, whereas the 2G does not. The Nokia car kits also DON'T have echo cancellation. Hence the issue.

    So, to resolve this we've had to buy a new Bluetooth kit for the car, and use the part of the cars Nokia wiring.

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    Had to add a new mic, and cut into the Nokia wiring, but otherwise it works as the Nokia did, muting the stereo and routing the calls through the car stereo speakers.

    If you don't want to cut into the Nokia wiring there's adapters available from Autoleads.

    Hope this helps....

    2008-08-27 11:57 PM
  6. smth's Avatar
    Hi David I can understand your problem, some times we may get default sets but we can't insult anyone no! so its better to search for hardware to your set.


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    2008-08-28 06:09 AM