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    Just wondering if anyone's got one yet and if they like it. I was leaning towards the Sonic (Blue/Black) one, but wasn't sure if it's too bright and girly blue If you all could post your thoughts, that'd be great.

    Originally I was going to get a Switcheasy Timecapsule Rebel, but they're having way too many quality control issues with those
    2008-07-29 12:28 AM
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    I still have my first generation iPhone, and the second I got it, I equipped it with an iSkin Revo. So albeit not a iSkin Revo2, I can give you a little review on the original.

    It's f*$king amazing. I've had no problems with this case what-so-ever. It's beautiful, great feeling, incredibly protective, and well worth the money.

    They boast a three-section protective screen film, one of which is a tinter so people can't on-look what you're iPhoneing, and even through the three layers of film, the iPhone has no problem sensing your touch just as it would if it was naked.

    On top of that, the whole iPhone is cased in a alleged anti-microbe rubber, where as no germ can live on it, or so they say. The rubber it's self has a hole for the camera lens (which is as well protected by a plastic lens). The only places where the iPhone it's self can actually be physically touched is the charging dock plug-in (which is covered by a removable tab for the Revo and a flippable tab for the Revo2) and the ear-piece speaker, which I think is also covered by a film in the Revo2 but not sure. Even the audio headphone jack is covered by a flippable rubber tab.

    Last but not least is a fun little hard-plastic "ViSOR" as they call it. It's docked on the back of the iPhone when you're not using it but you can easily snap it off and snap it on the front for a hard-plastic cover onto the front of the iPhone over the three layers of film, for an "un-penetrable" defense.

    In short, it's an absolutely amazing case. I've used the original Revo on my iPhone since I've got it like I said, and under-neath it's still as good as new! Have no doubts when deciding to purchase this case, considering the Revo2 is practically the same thing only even more-so, it's a great buy.

    But I'm not going to lie to you. Now that I think about it, I can think of two cons about the iSkin.
    1. You can no longer use the "docking" little mechanism they give you with the iPhone when charging it, since the size of the iPhone no longer fits. However, iPod Speaker Systems have inner-changeable dock sizes, so that's no problem.

    2. It does stick to your pockets BUT! You can buy the bundle package for 10 bucks more and get the belt-clip. I always feel it's kinda geeky and pretentious to have a belt-clip though.
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    2008-07-29 01:09 AM
  3. zoolander369's Avatar
    Ok. I caved and got the Revo2 (blue) and the revoclip. I'm really disappointed. The phone doesn't even fit inside the clip. I'm very disappointed.

    Also, this skin is overpriced. It should cost $25 AT MOST. I'd go with the switcheasy Rebel if I could do it over.
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    2008-08-14 03:40 AM
  4. the_bay_mafia's Avatar
    yea i was really thinking about getting the revo2 but when i went searching for it online I couldn't find it in stock anywhere so when I went to buy from their website added the shipping it was $50!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!! I ended up settling on the marware case its a cheap silicone one but does the job i wrote a review....and then after i ordered it a saw the switcheasy rebel and was mad....i will probably get the switcheasy rebel case next
    2008-08-14 04:39 AM
  5. jb4's Avatar
    Overpriced = Yes. I like it though. I got it off eBay for 35.00 shipped. I got it mostly because of the clip on hard screen protector. I could not find any other with that type of screen protector for the 3G..I just wanted to make sure that while bar tending with the phone in my pocket I didnt want the screen to get cracked (as my 1G did) far so good.
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    2008-08-29 08:57 PM
  6. equlizer's Avatar
    yes a bit exp. but totally worth it! I have the iskin2 on my 3g and its the best case ive had on it so far (till the otterbox comes out) Protects almost 100% of the phone cept the speaker and mic and the mute switch on the side.
    2008-08-30 12:49 AM
  7. Rcas's Avatar
    I got a revo2 for my 3G and i love it... I refused to pay $50 shipped from their site so i got mine off ebay as well. First off I love the feeling of the silicon case which fits very snug. Second I think the film that comes with it is amazing, great feel to it, no fingerprints and doesn't seem to get dirty either. The plugs that cover the headphone and charging port are great and easy to use but never come out when you don't want them to. The Visor thing is good.. could have been designed a little better for when its on the back but its nice for peace of mind when the phone is in a pocket or bag with hard objects. Leaving the visor at home its still a great case. I had the phone in the case with the visor and a friend of mine accidentally knocked it out of a locker about 5' up but everything was fine despite the concrete floor, and the phone continued to function perfectly.

    The downsides to the case are the screen film does take away from the look of the screen, it seems a little less vivid but after a day or so you get used to it. The visor could have also been designed to be permanently attached to the case, I worry that it might fall off but every time I think I've done something to make it detach when it is on the back its still there.
    2008-09-02 08:12 AM
  8. Slayer's Avatar
    I got 4 Different colors of the iSkin revo and one iSkin Revo2 and I gotta tell you they give your iPhone full protection Period......
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    2008-09-02 11:47 AM
  9. flobansormin's Avatar
    Anybody out there who knows anything about the IVYSKIN protector?
    2008-09-02 08:56 PM
  10. jb4's Avatar
    Anybody out there who knows anything about the IVYSKIN protector?

    Yeah. I had the evo2 skin but sold it because it was a lint magnet in my pocket and cam out looking like crap. I got the IVYSKIN clear Tuesday. It is pretty solid and doesn't add much weight or bulkiness to the phone. You can use the screen with the case on but it's not as fluid as with the case off. it has 4 small dots on the back so that when laid flat the phone is on a raised even surface so no wobbling. Overall I am happy with it. This is where I Got Mine Custom iPod Cases, Skins, iPhone cases and macbook keyboard covers | ivyskin
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    2008-09-03 08:01 PM
  11. Terrill's Avatar
    does ne1 have pics of it ?
    2008-09-12 10:48 PM

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