1. nirav464's Avatar

    I have an invisible shield and I just wanted advice before i actually install it.
    Those of you who have already installed it, can you give me some advice so installation goes perfectly.

    (By the way I got the shield for only $7.48; 50% off!!)
    2008-01-26 09:00 PM
  2. subway999's Avatar
    Thats one of those sticky screen saver things to protect your screen?

    Make sure the screen is completely clean of dust, grime, grease and especially fingerprints!

    Take the backing of the sticky thing

    Make sure the phone is on a flat surface

    Apply the protective film onto your phone making sure its lined up and no air bubbles
    2008-01-26 10:19 PM
  3. moku's Avatar
    use a spray bottle and spray both your phone and the screen protector with a fine mist. after that spray your fingers so you dont get your finger pritns stuck to the protector. after that slap it on.. move it around then squeeze out the water.

    i have the full body shield on my iphone. love it! cheers
    2008-01-29 08:28 AM