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    Just got my PDO CarFM unit after pre-ordering it mid july. Was extremely skeptical due to my unhappiness with the griffin iTrip. And they must have done something right, because this thing is pretty cool. For those of us who aren't lucky enough to have aux ports factory installed and dont want to go through the trouble of hooking up an aftermarket one, PDO gives us a great option. FM transmitter with handsfree capabilities for the iPhone, while charging at the same time. For handsfree, just hook the INCLUDED 3.5mm audio cable into the FM transmitter mount and your headphone port and it works really well. So far, I have made some calls, and aside from a little static in the background, it was loud and clear and the person on the other end said they had no issues hearing me. Overall, very pleased for $39.99 shipped. Paid $50 for the iTrip and was not happy and returned it to the store.

    Pros: -Handsfree Talking with the iPhone!
    -Music transmits with extremely good quality. Was very suprised.
    -Mount fits my iphone with the case on it
    -Choice of FM stations from 88.1 to 107.9 (or something like that)
    -Chargers also while plugged in to the dock connector

    Cons: -Mount flexi-tube thingie is not super strong, so with phone in the
    mount, it's a little top heavy and doesn't stay very still.

    Definitely worth the money. Here's the link:

    PDO: CarFM for iPods and iPhones - FM Transmitter, Car Charger, iPhone Hands-Free

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    2008-08-08 12:31 AM
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    Interesting....how sturdy is the piece from the adapter to the dock?
    2008-08-08 02:20 AM
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    Hi, I just purchased mine and I am having an issue with making and receiving calls. I am having to turn the volume on the car way way up to hear the person on the other end. They can hear me... but I can hardly hear them. Any ideas??
    2008-11-18 04:35 AM
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    I got this and love it! My sister wants one for Christmas...
    2008-12-07 05:31 AM