1. ismoker's Avatar
    they are bit more expensive than other ones,
    no free shipping, no warrenty yet..(they said they 'currently' don't offer warranty, so i guess they are concering on that)
    well i don really mind on warranty cuz i'm not a such person who would ask for warranty everytime the shield goes wrong. lazy..iknow.
    and i liked that they response fast on email...
    i saw this product on few forums and visited their website to see more info
    well they say theirs is thinner and i liked that they have crystal one for LCD so i don need to put water at least for on the LCD.
    since im not gonna use warranty with IS or BG anyway, i was like hmm why not try one.
    well here's some pics i took just right after i applied it.

    yeah..it was thinner..
    it was pretty ok with the bubbles..
    maybe im such an expert for this i couldn see many bubbles on the back
    however they said all bubble will disappear in 48 hrs we'll see

    im very happy with coners!
    and i realized that it was very important to do this with super clean hands..
    i got a little dust inside on small area you can see in picture..
    and afterall, i didn want to peel off, clean, apply shield again

    i know it's hard to see the bazel but it was best picture i got for close up on bezel part.
    they came out wit little seperate 4 pieces for bezel and i was like #$%$#% how am i gonna put those tiny ones perfectly!?#@?#$
    well but actually it was the easiest part..
    but im not so sure if it's better to have bazel part seperately...

    as i mentioned, yeah..i like that i don need to put water on this first of all.
    and i had soooooo hard time applying this...since my hands weren clean enough...
    Oh and, if anyone of you are gonna get this shield, you really need to know this.
    when i finished with applying LCD, i found that this LCD protector has some lines on it and wasn't so clear as they mentioned on their website.
    i emailed them to ask for a replacement...and well it wasn't the scratch actually lol
    that was actually the protection film to protect the LCD protector lol
    i kinda surprised on this cuz...it was a company iv never heard of,
    and they did double protection for this thin lcd film

    yeah..i guess over all i like this product
    but it's still expensive and no warranty
    it's only been a day so i donno about being longterm with this yet
    hope it goes fine as long as it can,,hmm i'll post up if there's any change
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    2008-08-11 09:07 PM
  2. huey85's Avatar
    you did a great job of applying it too bad i bought a bodyguardz
    2008-12-04 11:35 AM
  3. cpjr's Avatar
    Looks good. I use Best Skins Ever and love it.
    2008-12-05 12:03 AM
  4. zerocoolak's Avatar
    Very good review. I have been wanting to try their shield, but like you said they were a little expensive without any warrenty, and I like my case a lot. I love their screen protectors. How much thinner is it than IS or BG? Can you get any of your cases to slide over it? Does it leave a lot of the corners exposed? Sorry for all the questions, but this is about the only review I have found on their shields. Give us an update in the future on how it is holding up. The corners don't look like they would have a problem like the BG or IS. Mine always started to lift a little over time were the curve in the corner was. These don't look like they would do that. Thanks again for the review!!
    2008-12-05 04:35 AM