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    I have a case on my iPhone, so holders don't work very well. I carry the iPhone around in my pocket, so as I get in the car, I drop it in the pocket on the car door by the door handle. The bluetooth works through the car stereo. As I get out of the car, I simply replace it in my pocket. Works for me.
    The whole point though is to keep it more visable, more accessable, and plugged into the charger & aux audio in. You might as well just keep it in your front pocket otherwise. The door would be even worse. I know I'd forget it in the car every so often. (out of sight out of mind)
    2008-09-06 09:42 PM
  2. the_bay_mafia's Avatar
    if anyone gets the new iphone 3g holder i want to know if it will fit with a silicone case on
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    2008-09-08 08:35 PM
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    I'm sorry my earlier post was not fully complete. I have a car that doesn't have an AUX jack. So no chance of keeping my iphone connected and charged. And when I say "pocket in the door" I don't mean the big pocket at the bottom. In my car there is a space right behind the door handle that is just right for holding the phone. When it's in there and it rings, it's picked up through the Bluetooth connection in the car (yeah, I know, Bluetooth but no aux jack -- go figure). To open the door, my fingers would have to touch the iPhone, so very little chance of forgetting it!

    I'm not saying this is the best connection -- I know that it's not. It's just the only one I've figured out for the configuration in my car.

    BTW, some time ago, I had my car hardwired with an iPod port, but it's inside the glove box and fairly inaccessible -- and incompatible with my iPhone. I keep my old iPod (made more or less unnecessary by the iPhone) plugged in there and loaded with my Audible books, etc.
    2008-09-15 06:37 PM
  4. Chefanim's Avatar

    Ive got this Belkin Tunebase from wal-mart for $90.
    Kinda pricey, but it looks and works great
    2008-09-15 08:26 PM
  5. JazJon's Avatar
    It looks like dealextreme has a new 3G model out now

    DealExtreme: $5.83 Car Windshield Holder Swivel Mount for iPhone 3G (free shipping too)
    Another friend told me to check out focalprice for cheap accessory deals
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    2008-09-15 09:25 PM
  6. burdell1's Avatar
    anyone got any pics of their mounts in their car?
    2009-10-10 12:12 AM
  7. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    I ordered this one because it is adjustable and I can fit my phone in it with the InCase Slider on.
    DealExtreme: $7.67 Car Portable Device/Gadget Holder and Windshield Mount
    2009-10-10 01:21 AM
  8. GADeputy's Avatar
    I've been using this one on my 3G. It should also work on the 3GS. I got it from eBay for $7.00. It works so good I ordered one for each of my cars.
    Just do a search on eBay for "Car Mount Holder Kit Stand Cradle For Apple iPhone 3G".

    iPhone 5 16GB
    Firmware 6.1
    Jailbroken with evasi0n

    iPad 3 16GB
    Firmware 6.1
    Jailbroken with evasi0n
    2009-10-13 12:41 AM
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    how about the tomtom car kit?
    2009-10-13 08:38 PM
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    I found some car holders from ebay. Try looking at there. You may find your best one. Check if it there. Good luck.
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    2009-10-18 07:21 PM
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    Roll your own! On some cars you can slide a charge cradle into your ashtray and run the wiring behind the console. If your head unit has a rear USB port this is nice and easy. Check it out:
    How to build an iPhone car cradle | Tech Envy

    The nice thing is that this doesn't require extra bulky hardware or exposed wiring, and when your phone is out of the cradle you can just slide the tray door back in to hide it completely.
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    2010-02-19 06:53 PM
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    I'm currently looking for a iPhone 3G holder that can hold the phone with its case on and also isn't one of the window mounts or super bulky holders. Anyone know of anything?
    2010-02-20 12:04 AM
  13. bruceparker's Avatar
    it surely depends on the car that you drive.. seems silly but i have found that these kind off silly things do matter!

    after a few unsuccessful trials i finally the best suited car holder that tucks neatly into my toyota.

    So my advice is do research based on your car as well ... btw for reference i found my car holder and other cheap cell phone accessories at cellphoneaccents site
    2010-02-25 06:12 AM
  14. ilovemymac's Avatar
    i think belkin has a decent holder.

    right now i'm doing it old school. I DIY'ed a car holder by cutting the window vent clip from an old air refresher case, and glued it to a iPhone holder.

    the result a holder I can clip onto the car window vents easily.

    I don't like the window suction cup versions as it tends to block my vision when driving
    2010-02-25 07:27 AM
  15. stompinround's Avatar
    I have one made by schoche (not sure of spelling) my wife got me at walmart for $20.

    It does vertical and landscape, and came with both a window suction mount and a vent mount. I use the vent mount. The part the holds the phone is about an inch too thick I think. But mine and my wife's phone are both in cases and they fit with no problems and it holds pretty tight.
    2010-02-25 12:41 PM
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    I use my iPhone A LOT while driving, most of the time with GPSNav.app. As you all know, it can drane battery quite fast! I found superb holder made for iPhone 4 - fits 100% phone stay in place, and its well made aswell nice to look at too. Danish made, great quallity, keeps phone charged - check out Fix2Car spot on youtube: ) MY OPINION: The BEST iPhone car holder is Fix2Car, cuz it is well made to the bone!
    2011-07-05 03:54 PM
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    try: or search "Fix2Car Active holder iphone 4" on Google
    2011-07-05 05:52 PM
  18. emachine's Avatar
    I use Pro Clip, it works great.
    2011-07-06 02:10 AM
  19. Lindkvist's Avatar
    I recently got the official Navigon holder.
    I like the fitting, allthough it doesnt work with a cover on
    2011-07-20 10:33 PM
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    lolll, only time i use landscape is during videos, other times, i barely use it, well.. maybe when i take pictures or videos, but tha's about it.
    the only problem with those is you can say goodbye to landscape (horizontal) view..........
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    2013-08-04 11:58 PM
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