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    My partner and I have just launched our English language website and are excited about our product.

    The Smack is the perfect product to attach your iPhone to the dashboard in your car.

    “The Smack can be used anywhere with your iPhone or iPod, it just needs to be attached to a clean and smooth surface.”

    Check out a video demonstration here:

    For the iPhone and iPods it’s the “Smack Eco” that you want to buy. Great deal, you get a packet of 8 for only $14. And you can use them for other objects around the house, car, bathroom, etc.

    We are very confident with our product and it has gone over extremely well in the European market and we're looking to expand. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
    2008-02-08 05:13 PM
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    i dont think you are supposed to be advertising your website here.
    2008-02-08 11:42 PM