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    Ok let me start with the Seidio case.


    Seidio Rubberized: I loved this case. I purchased it back when black was the only option but now it's available in blue and burgundy. This case is well made. The seams fit together well and all the buttons are easily accessable. It offers solid protection from scratches to the body of the iphone. You will still need to purchase some sort of screen protection though. The only problems I had with it was after removing the iphone from the case several times it seemed to not hold it's snap fit as well. I dropped the case on a carpet floor and it cape apart. However the phone was undamaged. Other than that I had no complaints. The holster for the phone was well designed as well. Seidio really did thier homework on making this case.


    Switcheasy Capusle iPhone: Honestly this case looked a lot better on paper than it did when I recieved it. Still a very solid case but slightly bigger than the Seidio case. It's not rubberized so it is a little slick to fit. the case come with a screen protector but it was not an adhesive or static fit protector. This was merely an overlay that sits on top of the screen and is held into place by the case. I've had this for a while and the protector seems to attract scratches. Also because it does not stick to the phone it will create "smudges" if there is moisture between the phone and protector. Switcheasy does address this by telling the user to use baby powder to clear this up however it would be much easier just to offer adhesive overlays rather than this. The case also did not really impress me. They did come up with an innovative design that does allow the case to stay together easier however the seams and edges are rough and the case feels like something on top of the phone rather than an extension of the phone. Me personally... I purchased an adhesive overlay seperately and used it with the switcheasy.

    Conclusion: Both cases are very nice. Seidio feels more sleek, refined, and easy to grip. However the Switcheasy holds together better, comes apart easier, and offers a full face overlay that can color accent the phone if you can keep the smudges from showing up.

    Sugguestions on product improvement:

    Seidio: Make the case either easier to clean or change the quality of the snap seal. Offer more colors. Other than that nice job making an affordable product that is a pleasure to use.

    Note: Seidio now offers the "innocase" which looks more like the switcheasy but offers a removable bottom to allow for docking with OEM iphone cradles. It also fits together better than the rubberized but I did not review it yet because I do not own one.

    Switcheasy: Refine the case more. The locking meathod is great but smooth the rough edges and perhaps offer a textured area to allow for better grip. Use adhesive overlays instead and offer some more color options. This is a great product that just needs some more refinement. They also offer a holster that you can view incoming calls without taking the phone out... although honestly I'd rather take the phone out of the holster rather than take the holster off my belt.
    2008-02-12 01:38 AM