1. akasixcon's Avatar
    I've had problems with my headphones (because of Amazon's stock inventorY) that made it defective. They are giving me a $115 refund + $10 because of the inconvenience. Are there any other good headphones that are better than the vmoda duo? If not then I will simply just buy another vmoda duo.
    2008-02-14 02:48 AM
  2. mikelite's Avatar
    I've heard way too many horror stories of the VModa's being seriously unreliable - one side will die days or weeks after purchase. And the bass is supposedly very heavy.

    I decided to with the ultimate buds ub7's. they're wonderful. Very balanced sound - not too much thick bass, very clear sound.
    2008-02-17 06:06 AM
  3. metaljay's Avatar
    defo buy bose in earheadphones

    about 70 ($140?) but well worth it
    well happy with sound quality
    2008-02-17 02:08 PM
  4. reppin4you's Avatar
    why buy the Bose in ear headphones of course, had mines since Christmas. Overall good qaulity and sound, and realibility.
    2008-02-17 10:21 PM
  5. Wateroksnmud's Avatar
    with the Shure's. I've tried the Bose and a pair of vmoda's and the Shure's IMO blew them away. Bass, sound, fit, clarity...all around. maybe it's just me but I dont think I'll ever try another brand of headphones again.
    2008-02-28 10:19 PM
  6. RonMexico's Avatar
    I'm guessing you want something with a mic, correct?

    Since the Duo has a mic, I wouldn't think you want to now go to one that does not have a mic. (Bose, Shure)
    2008-03-01 03:00 PM
  7. GMoney55's Avatar
    Yuin PK3 on eBay for $49 + $6 s&h. Great sound quality for the price, but no mic, but you can replace the apple buds with these for mic.
    2008-03-01 06:10 PM
  8. akke27's Avatar
    actually I'm looking for a wire-less HEADPHONE with a MIC..
    Has anybody tried iMuffs with iPhone??
    Does it work..
    theres also itech bluetooth headphones..they have great functions..but i dont think it works with iPhone..
    pls help..
    2008-03-06 11:31 AM
  9. Jackyc's Avatar
    why not try to etymotic hf2?
    i heard they are the best right now
    2008-03-10 08:43 PM
  10. kys's Avatar
    Yea, looks good. Not sure I want to spend 179. But I guess with noise cancelling too maybe it's not a bad deal.

    2008-03-11 03:24 AM
  11. jslappa's Avatar
    For Christmas I received a bunch of Best Buy gift cards, so I bought some Bose headphones and a pair of Shure headphones to try with my iPhone. Since the money wasn't coming out of my account I figured I would buy both and keep the pair that sounded the best. Both sound great, much better than my stock phones. However, I really missed the mic/call answer button. Anyway, Bose sounded better to me, but we all know that sound is relative, and the rate at which the music was recorded, type of music, and other external issues affect what each of us hears. I also bought a $20 pair of Koss phones for my 3G ipod Nano. Amazingly, I really like the way they sound, and how the "marshmallow" earbuds expand in my ear canal for a perfect sound isolated fit.

    After reading another post here, I decided to graft the Koss Earbuds onto my factory iPhone headphones. Now I am so pleased with the sound, the isolation, and the fit of the "marshmallows". I have since sold the Bose headphones, and just use the Koss/iPhone mess. I couldn't be happier.

    So, take that cash and buy a cheap $20 pair of those Koss headphone, a smal soldering iron, and check Youtube for the video tutorial. You will save a bunch of money, and I bet you will be happy. That is, unless you are a HiFi nut.
    2008-03-11 05:31 AM