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    Theres a new case over at SwitchEasy.com called the CapsuleNeo. It's only $29.99 and it looks so awesome. I bought the Capsule Rebel, and I think that I am going to have to buy me a black CapsuleNeo.

    It has a new 7-point locking system. It uses a silicone membrane to cover your phone, and then a hard case to cover that ... Talk about protection! And it comes with a ton of accessories. I think it will be worth it. I can trust SwitchEasy, I love my Rebel case.

    I ... am going to buy this when I am finished with this post.

    Okay! I got my case in the mail today and I have to say I like it!

    The case has a very simple design. The thin silicone membrane that came inside the case was a little stretched out when I got it, but the second membrane that came folded up with it wasn't stretched, so I put that on the phone. The membrane is really REALLY thin, so you can't use it as a standalone case. After I put the membrane on, it was a little difficult to put the "H" part of the shell on. The other piece of the case is very easy to snap on. Also, I tried using the case without the membrane, but it was too loose and the phone just bounced around in the case. The case is made out of two different looking hard plastics, the shiny and the the dull.

    It comes with a headphone jack protector, ipod port connector, universal dock adapter, 2 thin membranes, 2 screen protectors, microfiber cloth, and a video stand.

    Pros: Great looking case, in my opinion its very professional looking. Its very snug, which is good. Comes with a lot of extras, which is definitely a plus. Its easy to take off, unlike the CapsuleRebel, which took some effort.

    Cons: The membranes easily stretch out. Its a little difficult to put the first section of the case on with the membrane on. You have to use the membrane, otherwise the case will not fit properly. The headphone jack protector is a challenge to get out of the port.

    In conclusion, I like the case. Just as much if not more than the CapsuleRebel. It looks great, feels great in my hand, and protects my phone like it should. It came with all the accessories I wanted and needed. I am going to give it a 9/10. I took off the 1 point due to the elasticity of the thin membrane, and the tiny bit of difficulty to put the first section of the case on. I think for 29.95, its a very reasonable price for the quality of the case you get and the extras that come with it. Great case!
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    32GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen
    2008-09-02 05:31 AM
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    I just saw that case.. It looks awesome. Too bad I just ordered my CapsuleRebel yesterday.. Kind of sucks but I guess I'm out of luck. I may have to own 2 switch easy cases..
    2008-09-02 06:02 AM
  3. 40_ounce's Avatar
    Let us know how you like it...............

    Or how you don't like....
    2008-09-02 07:30 AM
  4. ToxicFTW's Avatar
    Sure thing! I planned on giving a review when it comes in.

    32GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen
    2008-09-02 04:28 PM
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    These don't come with a belt-clip, right? I need something like this, but with a belt-clip.
    Btw, the case looks very nice.
    2008-09-03 01:59 AM
  6. XquizitDjX's Avatar
    WOW! That looks nice. I am in need for a case. I just got my 3G and I am still waiting on some cheap things I got off ebay. I guess it takes some time to get your items when they come from HongHong.
    2008-09-03 02:54 AM
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    I've added my review. Ask any questions you may have. I will try to get some pictures up soon, I have misplaced my camera.

    32GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen
    2008-09-09 05:03 AM
  8. hy565's Avatar
    I had never been a fan of hard cases, but after seeing this case, I think it's time I try one

    Hope you could get those pictures up soon! Thanks
    2008-09-10 03:24 PM
  9. DarthKnight's Avatar
    Thank you for the review. Ordered both the black and white case.
    2008-10-21 12:02 AM
  10. ToasterBoyOhFour's Avatar
    Would the CapsuleNeo work on a 1st gen iphone? Has anyone tried? Just curious as I love that case and want it but am affraid it wont fit.
    2008-10-21 09:09 PM
  11. Nefarious's Avatar
    Would the CapsuleNeo work on a 1st gen iphone? Has anyone tried? Just curious as I love that case and want it but am affraid it wont fit.
    It does not fit. Tested mine on my wifes first gen.
    2008-10-26 07:20 AM
  12. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    Just a note about the white Neo. It gets dirty very quicky. Meaning that it absorbs stains. So you may want to run with the black one.
    2008-10-26 07:42 AM
  13. blazingangel1986's Avatar
    thats nice really nice thiink imma order one
    2008-11-04 12:45 AM
  14. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    I am currently using the black one. It fits great and looks better than the white (my pone is black). The white case looks better on the 16gb because you can see bits and pieces of it sticking through like around the headphone jack and the silence button. Just be sure that you aren't OCD though if you use the white one...it will drive you nuts :P
    2008-11-04 02:26 PM