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  1. specialsyco's Avatar
    i was just wondering which do you guys think are the best. i have v-moda vibe's which i think look and sound amazing but what are some of the good ones out there?

    let the opinions fly
    2008-09-14 06:09 AM
  2. tdawg3000's Avatar
    there are a bunch of good one out the but it all depends on what you would like to use them for:
    Just for relaxing at home and for a great sound: Bose headset is great
    Going to the store: just the apple ones are good
    At the gym or for a run: the in-ear buds would be the best
    I guess the brands on the last two idk but any Bose sound sysems are amazing so that brand would be your best bet
    2008-10-12 06:12 PM
  3. ultimatebuds's Avatar
    We now have our UB7EB for the 2008 iPods in stock. These have a remote with volume and playback control. We'll give you 10 days to try them out, but I don't think it'll take you that long to realize they sound better than the Vibe.

    Ultimate Buds UB7EB for iPods

    Of course, these also work with older iPods, iPhones (no volume control) and other MP3 players with a 1/8" jack.

    Ultimate Buds
    2009-01-08 02:29 PM
  4. killermike's Avatar
    holy **** $129 for
    2009-01-28 06:26 PM
  5. fishnride's Avatar
    Smokin' Buds by Skull Candy
    2009-02-04 03:37 PM
  6. killermike's Avatar
    how much are those
    2009-02-04 05:11 PM
  7. fishnride's Avatar
    $16.95 at Target. You can probably get them from their website (Google for Skull Candy, I don't know the site off the top of my head).

    I wear the Smokin' Buds at work, and on my motorcycle - they really block out unwanted sound - like a loud sportbike exhaust - and the sound is great.
    2009-02-04 05:30 PM
  8. killermike's Avatar
    okay cheap but okay thanks!
    2009-02-04 06:24 PM
  9. iFlorida's Avatar
    I use the bose, works well for me

    Smokin' Buds by Skull Candy
    where can i find those? anyone have a pic?

    Target..nevermind lol
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    2009-02-20 11:04 PM
  10. killermike's Avatar
    2009-02-24 05:57 PM
  11. tssouthpark's Avatar
    2009-03-09 04:42 PM
  12. ironbesterer's Avatar
    i have the Sony Fontopia headphones and they sound great!
    2009-08-20 06:53 PM
  13. Ktawesome's Avatar
    Anything skullcandy, They have a Lifetime warranty.
    2009-08-23 06:06 AM
  14. calebdexter's Avatar
    sennheiser hd 205
    2009-08-23 09:35 AM
  15. rockjohn's Avatar
    skull candy fosho the best yah digg
    2009-08-23 10:29 AM
  16. dale1v's Avatar
    Not skullcandy, noooo! Their build quality is the worst I've ever come across, and they don't even make good on their warranty. just go with Sehnheiser.
    2009-08-23 11:41 AM
  17. calebdexter's Avatar
    +1 sennheiser is one of the best audiophiles, if not the best! im loving my hd 205s
    2009-08-23 04:56 PM
    I just tried some Skullcandies. They sound horrrrrrrrrrrrrible and feel like they cost .50 cents to make.


    2009-08-24 10:49 PM
  19. nitikasnv's Avatar

    The best headphone for iphone are:

    SkullCandy iPhone FMJ:A built-in mic makes it easy to take calls. The model also earned top marks for its slick design.

    Apple iPhone headset
    :If you own an iPhone, you already have these. If you lose a set, replacements are cheap. Very comfortable.

    Shure SE110: These audiophile-quality earbuds use sound-isolating attachments to fit different ears.

    No signature spam... only warning
    2010-01-15 12:40 PM
  20. alimadari's Avatar
    Skullcandy Ink'd. Great price and great sound.

    Ink'd Silver
    2010-01-26 12:32 AM
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