1. bubonicbryan's Avatar
    i know that the iphone 3g is a bit thicker,
    but will cases that say they are for the 3g fit the original?

    im really interested in the griffin nu form, but it says 3G so im hesitant.

    Griffin Technology: Nu Form

    it looks like something that would fit snug, but is the width that much different?

    let me know if you have any experience with fitting 3g cases on original iphones
    2008-09-15 08:43 AM
  2. Cali_fresh's Avatar
    It should fit, but not perfectly.
    2008-09-17 03:03 AM
  3. aurther11's Avatar
    My suggestion is simply "no"
    2012-01-17 06:43 PM
  4. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
    If by original iPhone you mean the first model which was later called the iphone 2g, then NO it won't fit try searching eBay for "iPhone 2g cases" or "iPhone 1st gen cases)

    It was named 2g for the edge network
    2012-01-17 07:18 PM