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    On August 8th 2008 the Brando workshop released the iPower Charging Station with external Speaker Combo. The idea of external speaker that would produce better sound than the iPhone Internal speaker intrigued me. So I send off for one.

    Upon ordering $44 US which includes airmail shipping. The order said 7 to 20 days for delivery. I Got it ...in 10 Days from China.

    Website: shop.Brando.com.hk
    Email: [email protected]

    It arrived in a nice cellophane wrapped box half the size of the original iPhone with equal quality. The unit secure in the center in a plastic holder with soft foam in the inside top of box for protection. An instruction Booklet in English on one side and Chinese on the other.

    First, I was surprised about the quality....Better than the picture... in 3G style Black shinny plastic. With, like the iPhone, clear plastic (removable) than protects the power button etc.

    The dimensions are nice adding about 20mm (.75 inch) to the overall length and 10mm to the height. Or if you like double the 2G iPhone height. Width added ?, about 2-3mm.

    Technical Specs.

    Capacity: 2400mAH
    Charging time: =3h
    Discharging time: (to iPhone) : =3h
    Power of amplified speaker: > 1.5W
    Voltage input: 4.8-5.5V
    Current input: 500-1000mA
    Voltage output: 5.05-5.5V
    Current output: 100-1000mA
    Quiescent power drain <50uA

    The unit holds both the 2G iphone and the 3G (curved inside surface for 3G). It has a mechanism that spring loaded that you push open as you slide in the top end of the phone. The phone lays level and as you close or push on the top...it closes and engages the contacts. It closes completely. (squeeze it closed to make click in place) Little notches allow for the iPhone own speakers to be heard and the Mic. The station has its own volume control for the external speaker on the right hand side. 10 levels. Press and hold to raise volume or tap in steps. Down through levels to Mute.

    The lower front panel has 3 LED indicators and a Power Button. The LED's indicate how much power the iPower has.

    Three Lights indicate 66-100%
    Two lights 33-66%
    One Light 10-33%
    One light down to 10%

    These lights serve many functions. They blink during charging and with less that 10% Power remaining etc. The power button. You hold down three seconds turns off the iPower and three seconds to turn on.

    Power management its controlled by the iPower station. You can charge the iPower alone or with the iPhone attached.

    With the power cable connected the iPhone will run off external power. Remove external power and it runs off the iPower until it reaches 5% power remaining. Then power comes from the iPhone.

    If the iPhone power itself is low the iPower Station will charge the iPhone to 100% then use its own power to run the iPhone down to 5% power remaining.

    When the iPhone and iPower are connected and "charging" (only when charging power connected) speaker functions are disabled but the iPhone is running on external power.

    Audio Management is controlled by the iPower Station. With headphones plugged in external sound muted and all functions of the headphones work.

    Unplugged headphones allows the iPowers speaker to operate and volume is independent from the iPhone and is controlled by the iPower's Volume Control buttons on the side.

    Music plays whenever the iPhones Apple Player / Quicktime is running for music and Videos. Native apps like Pandora and other Music application programs work.

    When playing music from the iPower and you receive an Incoming telephone call...It interrupts the sound from the external speaker and you can answer normally.

    Sound for incoming telephone calls plays on the iPowers own speaker making for a louder Ringtone. Speakerphone works with iPowers speaker. Alerts and SMS and new mail sounds play on the iPowers speaker. Voicemail plays on the iPhones own internal speaker. This is the way Apple has set up the audio. No fault of the iPower Device. Sound quality from the speaker is a little tinny.... but OK I suppose, caused by by iPhone internal speaker specs and has a low bass responce to accomidate the iPhones own small speaker.

    I believe the iPower Station would supply 7 Hours of continuous music playing on the built in speaker. Other statistics over time I will post and update.

    The overall weight is about one and a half that on the iPhone alone. Perhaps a little less the iPower is surprisingly light. It has tiny feet to allow space for the sound to emit when lying flat and prevent scratching the plastic.

    Overall, I am very happy with the device. Perhaps 4 out of 5 stars.

    This is my first day with it. So far, worth the money and is cool looking.


    I forgot to mention that the Brando iPower has notches cut out for iPhone Buttons and swithces as well as an openings for the Camera, Headphone, SIM tray and Power button.
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    i think it would be tooo big in my pocket
    2008-09-18 05:57 AM
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    It fits in your pocket fine. You wear Jeans? easy no problem.
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    2008-09-18 06:54 PM
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    hi chriscoyne.
    ive been looking at one of these on ebay and thought they could be good.
    whats your verdict. thumbs up or down
    2008-09-21 08:52 PM
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    Curious how this is holding up. How much of the iphone's power would you say it extends (2x the power, etc)?

    I really want the fastmac iv, but it's massive. It would have to be damn near perfect for me to spend 80 bucks on it.

    2009-04-07 01:59 PM