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    I currently have an Eclipse AVN7000 System in my 2000 Lexus ES300. I just bought an IPhone a week ago and I'm extremely excited since I got it to mod the crap out of it and tweak it to the max but what really has caught my attention is the fact that I might be able to hook it up to my car and actually watch the dvds that I converted to fit on my iphone on my AVN7000. I heard that the music part works just like the ipod but there is missing components???

    I know that the IPC-106 is just about the only option I got? Help me please anyone know anything?

    Any information would be wonderful on this subject, I haven't been able to call around any audio places in my area since it is Sunday everyone is closed.
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    2007-09-03 05:13 AM
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    I have a Eclipse AVN-5495 haven tried it with the IPC-106 yet because I don't have one but plan in getting one soon. Im sure it will work but you will probably get the device not computable do you want to switch to airplane mode error.
    2007-09-03 04:13 PM