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    Sudden Bluetooth problem..
    Hi, my iPhone used to work with my Jabra BT135 bluetooth headset since 1.1.1 and up to 2.1 with no problem at all...
    Few days ago, i used the same BT headset with my mac, it worked fine too, tried to let it work back again with iPhone, no luck, iPhone 2.1 now cant connect with the device, it doesnt give an error or anything, before, when i turned the blutooth on, the BT gray icon on the upper menu of iPhone blinks and gets to blue, then i know its connected to jabra, now it never turns to blue any more.
    i went to Settings>General>Bluetooh, below Devices, where there used to be my Jabra BT135 listed, is listed something else, "Headset" and it says beside it "Paired" in blue color, its like the iphone still remembers my headset but forgot its name, when i click on this "Paired" "Headset".. a little popup appears it shows "Unpair" button.. i click on it... it turns to black instead of blue.. but if i go back to settings and come again to Bluetooth menu i can see it still in blue, it cant forget it.
    so even if i put my headset in discovery mode for any mobile to find it, my iphone cant find it, it just keep searching..
    i tried to reset all settings, but still the same.
    i even FTP to iphone, went to: var/mobile/library/preferences and deleted two files i found related to BT: "com.apple.MobileBluetooth.services" and "com.apple.MobileBluetooth.devices", turn off/on didnt help.
    so, i guess my problem is that my iphone cant forget my Jabra, but cant connect to it too, and whatever i do i cant make it forget it, cant make it reconnect to it, cant delete it from Devices...

    P.S: when i put the headset in discovery mode, my mac can see it again and can connect to it with no problem.

    what can i do?? any ideas??
    2008-10-09 09:53 AM
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    have you tried pairing another bluetoothe device to your phone?
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    2008-10-09 09:58 AM
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    nope... i didnt, well try this today and post the result.. i guess it might work...

    i tried to pair it with Samsung WEP150 Bluetooth headset.... but... a new problem appears... every time i put the pin number, the iPhone says "incorrect PIN Number".. which is the default 0000 pin number, and i already use it with this pin in another mobile... so i guess theres something really messed up with my iPhone's BT.. i even tried again to reset network settings, but still no use..
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    2008-10-12 03:14 PM
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    idk if you have tried but disable it on your mac. i had something like that but since it was paired with my laptop it wouldnt go with my iphone.
    2008-11-17 04:13 PM