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    First, a little pretext...

    My fiance (then gf) purchased me a refurb'd Logitech MM50 for christmas last year. Well, after getting my 2nd replacement (The first unit was DOA, the second wouldn't hold a charge and the 3rd didn't even come with the right charging cable), we decided to get a refund, and I would do more research. So I read just about every review in the pocketable and portable speaker categories over at iLounge. It's taken nearly 10 months, but was worth it.


    The Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 (iLounge: A-) is the "Works with iPhone" version of the Pure-Fi Anywhere (iLounge: A), which is the follow up of the ever popular MM50 (iLounge: A-). It sells for $129.99 at your major electronics giants.

    Major Selling Points:

    • Part of the "Works for iPhone" category
    • 10 Hour built-in rechargable battery
    • 12 included universal dock adapters
    • IR Remote w/ iPod Menu navigation controls
    • Carrying case for Speakers, Remote and AC Adapter
    • Faux 3D effect, giving a fuller and richer sound


    • 3D Effect can make some songs sound bad
    • Though it is made for iPhone and iPod, it does not include a 3G iPhone Uni-Dock adapter
    • The battery is non-user replaceable

    What's in the box:

    • Speakers
    • IR Remote
    • 12 Universal Dock adapters
    • Carry Case
    • AC Adapter

    First of all, I must mention that these speakers are made for iPhone, so there is NO nag screen. That made me very very happy. Though I want to stress that the difference between the Pure-Fi Anywhere and Anywhere 2 (Sometimes labeled as "Pure-Fi Anywhere for iPod/iPhone") is that the former is not made for iPhone and WILL give you the nag screen. Just remember to check that there is a "Works with iPhone" logo on the box!

    The speakers sound great: The high/mid/lows were well balanced, I could not get it to distort at any volume level and it filled a medium sized living room with ease. The Pure-Fi includes a faux 3D effect that makes it hard to believe that the small drivers are putting out such a full and rich sound. Though, out of my library (300 songs, don't laugh at me!), there was one song that the 3D effect kinda jacked up. That was the only issue concerning audio.

    The remote worked great. Whether the iPhone was asleep or awake, it controlled tracks. On the remote there are the standard Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, FF/RW and also Shuffle/Repeat. There are also iPod menu controls that worked great with the iPod app in iPhone. I was able to navigate through each tab at the bottom of the screen easily, but it doesn't serve much of a purpose since you are manually picking a song/playlist and the screen cannot really be seen well enough from more than a couple of feet away. The remote is IR, so it has to be close to line-of-sight for it to work properly. I was able to contol playback from 15-20ft away easily.

    I haven't had enough time to test the battery yet, and will update this post if there is anything negative to say about it. The AC Adapter is well thought out, as it folds up and has a cord manager on it, so it can fit where the iPod/iPhone goes when in the carrying case. There is also a spot in the carrying case for the remote.

    I give these speakers a definite 9.5/10. The only thing that kept them from a perfect 10 was the exclusion of the 3G Uni-Dock Adapter. The bottom line is this: If you are looking for a good sounding portable iPod/iPhone speaker that you can take to the office, the park or your backyard, these are it. I'd recomend these speakers to anyone in a heartbeat.

    Please post any questions you may have in this thread

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