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    Today I just got delivery of 3M's new mini hand held projection system. See it here at the following link:

    3M MPro 110 Micro Professional Projector - Home

    My question is does anyone know how to force video output all the time from the iPhone so anything that is seen on the iphone would then appear on the projector?


    p.s. I already have the required cables from Apple. I was looking maybe for a software solution. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    2008-10-28 08:17 PM
  2. ToasterBoyOhFour's Avatar
    that thing is sweet but damn did you pay $359 for it? i have a buddy that ordered one and is trying to do the same thing with it. ill ask if he received it and if he got it all working. hopefully i return with more insight for you.
    2008-10-29 05:21 PM
  3. Three60guy's Avatar

    The cost may seem high but the last I looked all projectors on the market have run much more than the cost of the MPro 110. And many are priced way into the thousands. So, from that point of view the MPro is a steal. There were many times prior to seeing what the price was that I thought they would have priced it in the multi-thousands just for the portability factor. Thank goodness they didn't.

    I look forward to hearing what your friend comes up with.

    Anyone else have any suggestions or ideas? Any developers here? I could see you could make some cash from the App store by making a utility which turns on video output from the iPhone all the time so those with PowerPoint presentations could output them to televisions or larger projector systems. Just a thought.

    2008-10-29 05:51 PM
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    2008-11-01 04:41 AM
  5. ej6 wut's Avatar
    sounds pretty cool;
    2008-11-12 09:33 PM
  6. johnnydahlberg's Avatar
    I use "screensplitr" app with my microprojector (optoma) in order to show most everything. Doesnt work with all apps though but it shows desctop, apps icons and several apps on the fly. real easy to use.
    And Screensplitr is cool. With a mac you can remote control the entire iphone using bonjour/rendevous. Not fast and not stable though, but neat for remote control of slideshows which I use a lot.
    Regular video I run directly from ipod video on the iphone.
    Main problem I have is how to force sound from the internal speaker since the cable (30 pin dexim) I use for composite video blocks sound from internal speaker. Sound on the Optoma is poor. Any ideas? Already cut of sound out pins 3 and 4. Must be something else that triggers Iphone to block internal speaker out.
    2009-02-19 11:31 PM
  7. JStraitiff's Avatar
    there is also "TVout" that you can use with it i would imagine
    2009-02-19 11:55 PM
  8. johnnydahlberg's Avatar
    Thx for your tip.
    Yes I have also used TV OUT which works too. Screensplitr is slightly more simple to use from my point of view plus it shows all of the iphones screen and it connects (wireless) directly to my mac running macOS/safari.
    Probably it is a matter of taste and functionality depending on what apps u want to run/and what works. Not all of them does.
    I am sure there will be more choices eventually.
    2009-02-20 12:23 AM
  9. calebdexter's Avatar
    wow cool device!
    2009-02-23 04:12 AM

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