1. RedFox's Avatar
    Anyone use/recommend an iSkin Revo2?
    2008-11-28 10:56 AM
  2. zerocoolak's Avatar
    You should check out "itsmemorphious" on youtube. This guy does some great reviews on everything iphone 3g. If its a case, screen protector, shield he has probably tested it out. He'll usually rock it for a couple days to give it a real life comparison. I have learned that advise on products from him is 100% true. He's how I found the SGP Steinheil screen protectors. Better than anything I've wasted my money on before. He has a couple vids on the Revo 2 for ya!
    2008-12-01 04:47 AM
  3. jobo821's Avatar
    yes, i would highly recomend this case. I have had one on my phone and have dropped it a number of times and it always bounces and is fine. it's a good case for the money too. let me know if i could aswer anything else for you.
    2008-12-01 10:31 AM
  4. RedFox's Avatar
    Thank you all very kindly for the replies. I received my case today. I went for the blue colored one and I have to say that I think the protection that it offers is first class. I looked at so many cases and non of them offer the complete protection that this one does. I like the front visor thing and don't think it's a hassle at all. And the amount of "rubber" at all four corners is phenomenal. It's a new iPhone and finally I feel safe to take it outdoors!

    Thanks again.
    2008-12-02 09:55 AM