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  1. pmas's Avatar
    I have InvisibleShield, and it's texture allows a good grip on the phone. Unfortunately, that good grip is also on the screen protector and makes it cumbersome to "slide". So I removed the cover and installed a standard screen protector from the apple store. This works great for me.
    2007-09-24 01:18 PM
  2. rodeeze's Avatar
    I was thinking would putting the high gloss film under bodyguards or BSE would result in a better picture than just bodyguards or BSE.. feed back please! thanks
    2007-09-24 10:34 PM
  3. Donald.Brown01's Avatar
    I have InvisibleSheild and I love it! I even did the key test that they do on their video, and I could not make a scratch in it. I have tried and tried to scratch the sheild, and it just won't scratch. Ive even rubbed it up against a brick wall, no scratches. Plus a lifetime warranty! My money is on InvisibleShield!
    2007-09-24 10:43 PM
  4. sknlim's Avatar
    hey sknlim, I see you got the incipio iphone pouch thing. How is it? I was going to get one but I have the BSE on, Does it fit in well?
    The Incipio Orion,

    With the BSE fully body on, it's a very tight squeeze at first, but after a week or two it's starting to fit a little better, BUT still tight. I would say give it another month and it will be perfect. Overall it's an OK case that doesn't feel like you have a remote control in your pocket.

    BTW i just got my free replacement (2 of them) from BSE, NO questions asked. I don't like the feel or look of any skin on my phone, but then i don't like scratches either.
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    2007-09-25 05:49 PM
  5. peeInMyPantz's Avatar
    any comments about the sliding on the surface? I use BSE on my macbook's touchpad. It severely reduced the sensitivity of the touchpad, and very difficult to slide as well.

    anyone on BSE can comment on this?
    2007-09-30 08:02 AM
  6. kpace1's Avatar
    I have a Vaja case and its great but for added protection and I also use the invisible shield and it works great absolutely no scratches as long as you follow the directions your good to go
    2007-09-30 09:38 AM
  7. Michael415's Avatar
    any comments about the sliding on the surface? I use BSE on my macbook's touchpad. It severely reduced the sensitivity of the touchpad, and very difficult to slide as well.

    anyone on BSE can comment on this?
    I noticed a very slight reduction but to be honest, so slight not really worth mentioning. Like another poster I enjoy the additional grip it adds to the body of the phone, makes it feel more secure in my hand.

    I have the BSE on the Iphone and a razr and InvisibleSheild on my Ipod. To be honest I couldn't tell them apart as far as material so I really couldn't justify the x4 cost of the IS. But after reading up on Bodygaurdz I think I will get it and see how it is for the front glass.

    It would be interesting if people would post pics of the back of the IS to see if there are any design differences.
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    2007-09-30 07:33 PM
  8. sunnywala's Avatar
    i ordered the BSE on friday after 5pm, and was wondering how long it takes for delivery..i'm assuming it will ship on monday and be here??
    2007-10-01 05:22 AM
  9. aziatiklover's Avatar
    I have the anti glare one from apple and it's the best so far
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    2007-10-01 07:25 AM
  10. h3lpmedic's Avatar
    If you live with in CONUS you should get it in 3-5 days.
    2007-10-01 08:42 AM
  11. cyberr8der's Avatar
    I know that many people like the bestskinsever for protecting their iphone, but i saw that invisibleshield also has some skins for the iphone. Is there a general consensus as to which is better? Bestskinsever is cheaper but if invisibleshield is better, i wouldn't mind forking out a little bit more money. Thanks.


    Found these reviews of BestSkinsEver, InvisibleShield, and BodyGuardz. A good read.

    This is from the FAQ on

    Q. What's the difference between The Best Skins Ever and the "Shield" skins that cost 20-25 bucks?

    A. Other than price, it's the sameTHING.

    Therefore I don't think there is any difference.
    2007-10-03 06:01 AM
  12. rodeeze's Avatar
    Actually I bought BSE, Shield, and Bodyguardz and You can tell the difference. BSE is ok if you want to go cheap, its thinner and the product looks ok as for end result. Shield is thicker than BSE, and easier to apply but is higher quality then BSE. Bodyguardz which i have on right now is most deff the best! I put it on perfectly just like the pictures they showed. It looks and feels good, thickest flim, barley any glare anyways. It works out ot be 12.50 each but you have to buy two!

    Trust me you just paid 400-600 for the iphone.. dont go cheap on it now. Think about it why do you think their is such a price difference? 9$ for BSE 12.50 for BG and 25 for shield ( life time warantee) (um nothing is going to happen to the film anyways)..Bodyguards FTW!!!!
    2007-10-03 08:56 AM
  13. 96hondaex's Avatar
    I use the BSE on my iPhone and I really like it. It was easy to apply and took about 30min. only $7.99, can't beat that!
    2007-10-03 12:15 PM
  14. Michael415's Avatar
    So I got the Bodygardz skin today and I have to say it looks much smoother. I will try to take pics of the BSE and then the Bodygardz version. It looks like it is designed better too for the rear being one single large piece instead of a few smaller ones. Definitely more posh packaging but I suppse that doesnt matter much, and should be considering its 3x the cost.
    2007-10-04 09:57 AM
  15. tenshady's Avatar
    I love my invisible Shield, at times i think that plastic is costly however NOT a SINGLE Scratch and I LOVE IT, I want to put invisible shield on my macbook pro but they gonna break my balls with like 80 bucks for plastic.

    anyhow love invisible shield
    2007-10-08 03:20 AM
  16. Michael415's Avatar
    Like a previous post I also have all three now. I have to agree with what he posted as well, that being the bodygardz is the better of the three. I will post pics later today of all three for you can see for yourself (shuffle-bodygardz, ipod-invis, iphone BSE (for the moment). I will be replacing the BSE with the Bodygard, the product is much smoother, it seems BSE has become more orange peelish than before (had it on a razor). The thicker film is also a dbl edge sword IMO of the bodygardz, it makes it more tight to fit in the charger for the shuffle which concerns me for the iphone as well.
    2007-10-08 07:54 PM
  17. aziatiklover's Avatar
    can I just buy the cover for the back since I already have the anti glare film for my screen?
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    2007-10-08 10:18 PM
  18. Michael415's Avatar
    Here are a few shots:
    shuffle is bodygardz, iphone is BSE, and ipod is invisishield.
    Attached Thumbnails BestSkinsEver vs InvisibleShield-bodygardz.jpg   BestSkinsEver vs InvisibleShield-iphone.jpg   BestSkinsEver vs InvisibleShield-iphone2.jpg  
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    2007-10-09 09:18 AM
  19. peeInMyPantz's Avatar
    got my BSE last night.. applied it...
    not smooth at all.... is bodyguardz smoother than BSE ?
    i find BSE a bit sticky, cannot slide smoothly.. and lots of friction..
    cannot even fit it into my charging dock now due to the friction..
    and i cannot fit it into my handphone sleeve as well... it used to fit just nice.. now i can't. too much friction. so disappointed

    now i need to think about getting a new hp sleeve.. but i dunno whatever i order will still be big enough to fit it.
    2007-10-12 06:20 PM
  20. Michael415's Avatar
    Ooops forgot to post the pics of the Invisishield on my ipod. Here they are. Least it gives you an idea of all three products. IMHO smoothest to roughest is bodygardz -->Invisi --> BSE
    2007-10-12 07:41 PM
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