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    Was looking at the cardo wireless bluetooth and was wondering has anyone tried either the 700 series or the 800 series?

    well i have purchased the new scala 700 and it works great. have done some test with it as far as for the noise canceling feature and the life span without charging: the noise feature test i did with it was with a industrial siz cooling fan turning on on top speed and standing in front of it and conversing on it for about ten or twenty minutes and the person said they didn't even know or could tell. the battery is rechargeable Li-PO, i have charged it once when i initially took it out of the box about two weeks ago with an average daily use of an hour or two and haven't had to charge it yet. So i say for a less pricey bluetooth and that offers alot of features as far as a bluetooth it's worth it and they sell these right here at MMI!
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