1. j0el07's Avatar
    ok i bought a hd cord to hook up my iphone to my tv to stream videos from uwatch. but when i hook it up it says "this accessory is not made to work with iphone" does any one know if there is any way at all to get passed this because it wont let me view the videos on my tv. any help is appreciated!
    2009-02-21 05:14 AM
  2. JStraitiff's Avatar
    it should just ask you to put it in airplane mode and just say no

    if that works then you have to use screen splitter to broadcast over that cable to your tv
    2009-02-21 05:25 AM
  3. j0el07's Avatar
    and screen splitter is in cydia right
    2009-02-21 05:52 AM
  4. JStraitiff's Avatar
    2009-02-21 06:05 AM
  5. cpjr's Avatar
    And depending on what FW version you have.....you may not have bought a compatible cable. They are different.
    2009-02-21 06:12 AM
  6. JStraitiff's Avatar
    good luck

    its like a 30 percent chance you bought the appropriate cable
    2009-02-21 06:15 AM
  7. j0el07's Avatar
    im on fw 2.2.1 screen splitter still didnt work but the wires i bought says compatable with 3rd generation ipods doesnt say any thing about iphone 3g. should i just exchange for another cable
    2009-02-21 06:17 AM
  8. cpjr's Avatar
    ^Then you got the wrong cable.

    It has to say compatible with Iphone 3g (not ipod, since your not using an ipod) AND compatible with 2.2.1

    And you may be stuck ordering one online. I ordered one off ebay for $15 works perfectly.
    2009-02-21 06:18 AM
  9. j0el07's Avatar
    alright thanks guys ya'll have been a great help i really appreciate it
    2009-02-21 06:21 AM
  10. cpjr's Avatar
    I got mine off ebay, check there if you dont find a store that stocks them.
    2009-02-21 06:26 AM
  11. JStraitiff's Avatar
    places should be updating their stock along with these new releases

    but sadly they dont
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    2009-02-21 09:32 AM
  12. dejawoo's Avatar
    Use Apple Composite AV Cable(MB129LL) or Apple Component AV Cable(MB128LL).All 3G fws are compatible with them...
    2009-02-21 01:50 PM
  13. mikerlx's Avatar
    Use the apple cable cuz the other cables on the bay are just for ipods.
    2009-02-22 03:20 AM
  14. cpjr's Avatar
    ^Thats not true.

    Like I said, I bought my 3g RCA cable from ebay. Works perfectly and its not Apple.
    2009-02-22 03:27 AM
  15. dejawoo's Avatar
    You can also find it on ebay,amazon,alibaba...other than apple store.Most of them are compatible with 3G 2.2...
    2009-02-22 01:29 PM