1. Nic's Avatar
    Hey all.. Just wanted to post a review for iFrogz Luxe.. I bought the blue one.. it's gorgeous.. This review is moreso because of something that happened to my phone. My iPhone is my life.. it has EVERYTHING on it. Anyway, was camping out in the desert this weekend and my phone fell out of my pocket right into the ice chest.. which was full of beer and ice and water.. Anyway, I got a beer, it fell in, then I HAPPENED to see lights in the chest when i was closing it.. Opened it back up and fished for my phone and got it. DAMN IT. Anyway, it started going nuts, so I tapped the crap out of it to get the water out, took off the iFrogz case, and then put it between two slices of bread and a bag of rice. I left it in there overnight.. it was pretty hot out there, like 90 degrees.. so the next day, I got it from the bag, turned it on, and it worked.. TOTALLY amazed. There was a LOT of water "spots" under the glass tho.. kinda looked like snow camo LOL Anyway, this morning, turned it on, and it's 100% back to normal.. no quirks, no nothing. I am convinced, if it weren't for the iFrogz Luxe case, it would have fried. Great case, and really good looking..
    2009-04-20 04:31 PM
  2. sactownstar's Avatar
    Thats nice, but incase till I die! :P
    2009-04-20 08:31 PM
  3. 1shuttle1's Avatar
    I also love the ifrogz. I have the green. Haven't dropped it in water yet though.
    2009-04-20 11:23 PM
  4. 24inthelead's Avatar
    iphone is my life???? WOW!
    BTW, I have the red ifrogz, it's nice, but was hard to get on at first.
    2009-07-07 12:13 PM