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  1. Caleb_Soccer_Star's Avatar
    I have looked at the Speck Seethru Case and like it. But is it any good? Does it offer much protection? Does it function well? Add Bulk? Just some questions seeing if anyone cold help me out. Thanks

    2009-04-21 03:17 AM
  2. Nemesis12's Avatar
    I'm not a fan of plastic cases, since the majority tend to break with a few drops. I do like the swivel clip/belt clip which can be used as a stand. Only used the case for a few minutes, but I'd go with inCase or a silicon case.
    2009-04-21 03:46 AM
  3. dejawoo's Avatar
    Its a good case option who re looking to add color to their iPhones while showing off parts of its body,but not a superstar on protection.Consider it a top pick if you want a bright-colored shell; otherwise,there re options for the same price with better iPhone coverage.
    2009-04-22 09:16 PM
  4. nexedzero's Avatar
    i love the speck seethrus check out my video on em

    [ame=]YouTube - Speck Seethru Review[/ame]
    2009-05-03 07:51 AM
  5. Caleb_Soccer_Star's Avatar
    whoa, lol, ivebeen subscribed to you on youtube for a while now aha=)
    2009-05-03 06:44 PM
  6. mr.sparky's Avatar
    incase Slider 4LIFE
    Steroids are yummy
    2009-05-03 06:54 PM
  7. nexedzero's Avatar
    wow thats cool caleb whats your name on youtube.
    2009-05-04 08:35 AM
  8. Caleb_Soccer_Star's Avatar
    Used to be fruitbooter357.
    But for a couple months ive been using my new one.
    its calebpatton
    2009-05-06 03:58 AM
  9. nexedzero's Avatar
    awesome get in on my new giveaway
    2009-05-06 08:00 AM
  10. Caleb_Soccer_Star's Avatar
    Alright, will do.
    2009-05-07 01:58 AM
  11. sactownstar's Avatar
    incase Slider 4LIFE
    2009-05-08 05:15 PM