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    I just bought the mophie juice air pack and it's great, I mean really great. I was charging by the end of the work day. But now I can go well into the night w/ plenty of charge left.

    In any case, I need a case that the phone will fit in w/ the charger on. Normally I pocket my phone, but in work (i'm an electrician) I keep all sorts of stuff in my pockets that will definitely do a real scratch job on the phone. So I need a case w/ a belt loop, prefer horizontally, leather like.


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    2009-05-02 12:52 AM
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    best buy sells a little leather pouch that fits it in snug. At first I almost thought it was to tight. I believe it is like 18 dollars though. It isn't made for the iphone I can find the name for you but I don't remember right off hand I know it was a black and red package. I can find the name if you need it.
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    2009-05-03 06:43 AM
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    Thanks bdwayneh, I've got a local bestbuy, so, i'll give it a look. Or maybe it's available for preview online?

    What was the case originally slated for?

    2009-05-03 04:48 PM
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    I will check when I get home tonight and let you know. I think it was a pda but I can't remember honestly. I looked online to see if it popped out at me but no luck..

    Ok the pouch is made by rocketfish. It is a leather universal cell phone case. It says it fits most smartphone
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    I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something. -- Jackie Mason
    2009-05-03 08:53 PM
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    i also work in construction and i found the Incase powerslider being a great case for the iphone 3g cause it is a battery back up too. i get a double the time for internet for checking emails and surfing the net which runs the battery down fast. it is pretty rugged if you put a protection film on the screen.

    2009-05-03 10:33 PM
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    yeah, I've already got the mophie juice pack air. What I was looking for was a belt type case, so I can keep my pockets free for all the wirenutz, fittings, screws etc...
    2009-05-04 01:45 AM
  7. fklentz's Avatar
    I got the juice pack air a few days ago, pretty cool accessory cause I REALLY burn thru the charge of the phone. Some things I don't like about it.
    1 I liked the rubber grips that were on the original juice pack, they could have at least had the option of that, it's slippery as a fish.
    2 as with the original juice pack, if you run down the juice pack first and let it shift to the iphone battery when you plug the juice pack in to charge while the iphone is left in the iphone will start to cycle the charge on and off continuously. If left like that neither one charges and you head off to work finding both batteries nearly dead, really annoying, even the standby switch no help.
    3 The mute switch, volume and power button a little harder to reach but not too bad.

    What I like MORE battery time, looks like OEM factory made, MORE battery time, not as bulky as most add on battery packs and MORE battery time.

    A few days before I got this I installed a battery I bought on EBAY that was supposed to be a 1600maH capacity, it was the same size as the factory with most of the numbers being the same but different names also both from China. I do notice that I stay at 100% longer and the internal battery does seem to last longer thru the day.

    I'd also note that while the battery swap is doable at home I'd recomend not trying it yourself unless the possibility having to get a new phone and having a iphone 3G paperweight is of no concern.
    2009-05-08 03:18 AM