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    Ok, so I needed a really portable speaker to throw in my pocket. Did a little research and found this device. Its a little smaller than the iphone.

    Bought from for about 75$ received unit a few days later. Opened package and took speaker out of box and went looking for a battery to put in and charge. Why? Because the speaker felt like air, it was way too light.

    Pairing was easy with my iphone and the a2dp adapter and sat back and listened. Now, I want to preface that I wasnt looking to be rocked out, but I gotta say this speaker sounded terrible. Can you say hollow, tinny and cheap?

    Calls and voice sounded really good for the speakers size but anything beyond Donna Kroll was bad.

    I am still really amazed that in 2009, no company has come up with a truly decent sounding ultraportable speaker. The only exception is the great Bluant M1, which is loud and great sounding, but not in your pocket portable.

    I am going to try Bluants model, but it looks more like another voice based and not music based speaker.

    Hope review was helpful.
    2009-05-29 01:00 PM
  2. smirkis's Avatar
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2009-05-29 03:42 PM