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    I did a bit of iPhone accessory shopping tonight when I ran across this nifty gadget:

    The local CompUSA (Texas) carried this for the cheap $5. It comes in two pieces, the 30-pin connector and the battery adaptor unit. A 9-volt battery connects to the adaptor, which plugs in to the 30-pin connector. I wasn't sure if it was worth the $$$ to purchase this. For the truly mobile person who isn't close to a power outlet or computer, this would be a definite plus to keep your iPhone charged up with a spare 9-volt battery. This could also serve to extend playtime.

    It's safe to say that this product seems to work. The iPhone recognizes the connection and starts to charge.

    I have not tried to see how long this gadget can keep charging the phone (Duh! I just bought it).

    Anyone else have this gadget? I may go back to the store and get another one just to have spares.

    Update: After leaving the charging unit connected for a while, the battery icon switches after 30sec from a lightning bolt to a plug (indicates charging complete). At the moment, this may not be compatible to the iPhone. Will look in to it further.

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