1. BaumermaN's Avatar
    What is the best screen protector to use on an iPhone 2G while using the incase slider? discuss.
    I have read that some will bubble because of the pressure from the case.
    2009-07-07 12:29 AM
  2. Get_Zwole's Avatar
    i use the powersupply crystal if you get it lined up perfect theres no problem and i cant even tell its on the phone. Mines a 3gS though.
    Iphone 3G{S} 16gb Black
    2009-07-07 03:19 AM
  3. SharpieBandit's Avatar
    I used the invisibleSHIELD with my Incase Slider with no problems. I did take the case off to wipe the dirt that got in by the edge of the Slider and the shield once a month or so. It's amazing how much can build up. Stupid humid southern weather.
    2009-07-07 05:46 AM
  4. arich's Avatar
    Power Support Anti Glare, I personally think the crystal smudges way too easily
    2009-07-07 06:03 AM
  5. isanta's Avatar
    invisible shield by far. Its durable and fits well with the incase slider. Down side is you can't put the back protection on.
    2009-07-09 02:03 AM
  6. Smac06's Avatar
    I'd get an anti glare if I were you. I have one on my phone and it does help out. If it gets smudgey just wipe it off with you're shirt. But it doesn't even happen a lot.
    2009-07-09 03:15 AM
  7. ColoradoAvs119's Avatar
    I have the incase slider, and I had to take off my screen protector because the case was such a tight fit that it was causing air pockets on the edge of the screen. I dont know if this is normal or not, but my case is extremely tight against my iPhone, and almost impossible to take off.
    2010-03-20 12:33 AM
  8. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    Hmm, your a little late
    2010-03-20 12:47 AM
  9. Hypertek99's Avatar
    I have used both invisible shield and the power support and love the power support. I even tried the anti-glare and the crystal clear power support and prefer the crystal clear one. The anti-glare one doesn't leave smudges and finger prints but it does make the screen grainy if you watch a lot of videos. The crystal clear one is pretty awesome, you can't even tell it's there. I have an incase slider and they all fit perfect but you need to line them up really good.
    2010-03-20 07:21 PM
  10. icrazeiphone's Avatar
    I have a 3g and invisible shield and bodyguardz work very well put just the screen protector not the back piece to it because the slider will be EXTREMELY hard to get off or wont even go on or go in! so just the screen protector will do great
    2010-04-09 11:43 PM