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    He guys, been lurking awhile, finally have something meaningful to post. Since upgrading from my 8gig 2g iPhone to the 3G[S] I decided to protect my now plastic backed phone with a case. After much review from this site, I settled on 3 cases in this order:

    1 Switcheasy Capsule Rebel
    2 Otterbox
    3 Incipio Feather

    I love my rebel. Got it off the auction site, not sure if I can say it or not, but rhymes with Lee Hay, for $24 free shipping. Anyway great price, great protection, awsome accessory kit included. Came with 2 screen protectors which at first I was skeptical about, but after getting it on, I loved it. Actually feels like the special olephobic screen or whatever that is. Case is a 3 out of 5 for bulkiness, but it feels more durable. The rubber case covers the chrome bezel and the lexan spine really snugs it all up. Some people have complained about the sag at the bottom, just be careful when removing and applying. I have rocked this for a week now and it is my #1 case of choice.

    Next I bought the Otterbox from the same auction site for $31 free shipping. This thing gets a 5 out of 5 for bulkiness, but it means business. I feel like I can go white water rafting with this case or take it in the shower with me. IT IS NOT WATERPROOF, but all the holes get covered with rubber plugs. I had to powder trick the screen to get rid of watermark, but after doing that the thing worked great, no watermark, nothing, google powder trick for otterbox. My only issue and hopefullay someone reads this, The people I am talking to hear themselves echo when I have my otterbox on. I don't hear it on my end, they don't hear ME echo, but they hear themselves echo???? They have been on landlines and cellphones, so I know it's the case.

    Last I picked up a Incipio Feather at the AT&T store. It was $5 so I couldn't pass it up. Good little throw away case. It's a hard case.....more like a hard skin cover. I wouldn't drop this phone with this case installed. Not much drop protection, but does keep the phone from being all scratched up. Gets a 0 out of 5 for bulkiness, it is really like a feather, but for protection in hard environments, you better look elsewhere. Only other complaint, all they had was white which is now grey from pocket use. The case is made of a textured/smooth material, almost like a chalky feel if that makes sense.

    I will upload pics upon request of all three, but they are readily available through a google or Bing search.

    All in all, these are my top 3. I am looking to add the Speck Candyshell to my collection based on other reviews on here. I do not recommend the sliders. IMO they scratch the chrome and keep dirt locked in. I had an Agent 18 EcoShield on my old 2G and it tore it up. Again just my opinons. Hope you enjoyed my review and first real significant post.

    Cliffs: I like the Switcheasy rebel best, My Otterbox is real tuff, but gives the other end an echo, don't know why, need help? The Incipio Feather is like going naked, but doesn't offer much in the way of drop protection!!
    2009-07-14 01:46 PM