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    This is in response to another thread. I bought one not too long ago and now has had some more time to play with it so I figured I'd start a thread with a more thorough review.

    I originally bought this with the intention of attaching my iPod touch to it, but came to learn that the current cable does not work due to the recent firmware upgrade. Fortunately this unit does work as a standalone unit so all was not lost. After about 5 hours of charging, the charging light turned off so the unit was fully charged. I'll repeat that this unit does not function well when there is ambient lighting in the room, dark to pitch dark works best for this unit, but man is the image clear.

    I've also recently come to discover that this unit can hook up to my Wii, check out these pictures.

    But what has impressed me overall is the convenience of how portable this unit is. I've been able to load movies onto the 1GB on-board storage, plug in earphones and just lay back and watch a 60"+ screen on the wall instead of holding onto the iPod and watching it on a 3.5" screen!

    For the everyday couch potato that sinks their savings into the latest big screen lcd/plasma TV, they'll prob find little value in this unit. But for someone who travels quite a bit like me, compact and portability is gold. I can't wait for them to update the iphone/ipod cable so I can use this unit the way i originally wanted to, but I am really glad that it works w/o my iPod
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    2009-08-27 12:14 AM
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    2009-09-09 01:56 AM
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    For anyone wondering what to do since Aaxatech's cable doesn't work anymore. They told me the best way is to purchase Apple's composite cable and just hook it up directly to the provided RCA cables.

    They've also recently started shipping out their P2s. I'll keep my P1 for a while since they're still backordered on the P2 due to the massive demand for it, but anyone care to look at a P2 and review it? Better yet, anyone have one yet?
    2009-09-11 01:08 AM