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    Ideal Case Circle Series Silicon iPhone Case 3G 3GS

    ok did a quick search and didn't see anything for this case, which was surprising since I was turned on to it from a members sig (no worries I thanked you lol)

    So I do have this silicon skin on along with my BSE total body shield so you might have a different experience than me (not sure if for better or worse)

    I do love the non bulkiness of it and the smooth texture, it fits like a glove and feels like there is no case on it at all.

    The only major draw back from that is being it fits so tight the buttons are near impossible to push. Just after 2 days I said F it and cut them out and even still it's too much of a mission cuz I still have to jam my nail in there to push them.

    And for those that like to use holsters this fits nicely with the Speck Holster Armor Skin and the other one which came with a plastic case, that one is no longer on their site but the armor skin holster is.

    So all in all I would give this case a 3 out of 5

    I'm getting 3 more cases in a few days
    -Speck Candyshell ($25) don't buy from Speck
    -Case-Mate Barely There
    -Case-Mate Second Skin Cases

    All I believe already have a review so I will be adding my 2cents.

    Hit Thanks if this helped at all.
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