1. beav626's Avatar
    I am looking for a case that will all the use of the apple dock... I am tired of taking my case off every time I dock my phone...

    does such a case exist?
    2009-09-28 04:14 PM
  2. ShadowDXDragon's Avatar
    well a lot of cases have open docks. If you want the screen part covered too, not much option there.

    Incase - Slider Case for Apple® iPhone 3G - White - CL59056

    ^^ this is the case i use, its called the incase slider, it feels smooth and soft but its a hard case that will keep your glass in place and protect the outside of your phone. It has some protection for your screen but if it falls on its screen on a rock, 90% of the cases arent going to stop the screen from smashing.
    2009-09-28 04:29 PM
  3. D to the M's Avatar
    or you could get a universal dock and it will work with any case.
    2009-09-29 07:56 PM
  4. ronblade's Avatar
    I am not sure if it this kind of case really exists. I would like to know what is dock. Please let me know more about it.
    2009-09-30 07:59 AM