1. wannabprogramma's Avatar
    Love the chair cpjr!!! So here it is!! I'm sorry to say that I did get sloppy towards the end of the case ;( but I still like it. The case has the ability for in-case docking, has a velcro-strap to hold it in, a hole for the camera, a hole for the volume and silent controls, and ability to use the headphone jack and sleep button with the case. I made it for an iPhone 2g. So watcha think?
    I also attached some of my other duct tape endeavors: an ipod nano case (which is quite worn because I used it for a couple months) and an oversized duct tape bow-tie!!!!!!!(thought my wallets wouldn't impress because they're too common) Hope ya'll like!!!!! Post your thoughts!!!
    O...and I'm running duct tape theme from Cydia
    Sorry again that its kinda sloppy on the front-I just remembered about it today and made it after school haha
    Attached Thumbnails Dirt Cheap Iphone Case-Duck Tape-img_0409.png   Dirt Cheap Iphone Case-Duck Tape-img_0410.png   Dirt Cheap Iphone Case-Duck Tape-img_0411.png   Dirt Cheap Iphone Case-Duck Tape-img_0414.png   Dirt Cheap Iphone Case-Duck Tape-img_0415.png   Dirt Cheap Iphone Case-Duck Tape-img_0416.png   Dirt Cheap Iphone Case-Duck Tape-img_0417.png   Dirt Cheap Iphone Case-Duck Tape-img_0418.png  

    Dirt Cheap Iphone Case-Duck Tape-img_0419.png  
    The Next Generation of Phreaks.
    2009-10-14 04:59 AM
  2. ianbroste's Avatar
    looks cool man. would be sweet if you could figure out a way to have the corners rounded.
    2009-10-14 06:09 AM
  3. wannabprogramma's Avatar
    ^good idea ianbroste I'll put that in my next one
    The Next Generation of Phreaks.
    2009-10-16 05:09 AM
  4. joyww's Avatar
    after i have bought an iphone 3g case, i love it very much. do you think so.????

    2009-10-16 10:26 AM
  5. She-Ra's Avatar
    The "recession case" cracks me up...you can always do something like this if you get bored with the duct tape:

    World's cheapest, ugliest iPhone case | iPhone Atlas - CNET Reviews
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    2009-10-16 06:53 PM
  6. wannabprogramma's Avatar
    Haha love the cardboard one
    The Next Generation of Phreaks.
    2009-10-18 12:36 AM
  7. SAVAGE5's Avatar
    This is unique.

    Long time reader. I don't care if you have 1 million post.
    2009-10-20 04:27 AM
  8. unklbyl's Avatar
    I am old school, and some 100MPH tape and 550 cord, and maybe a little bailing wire gives you limitless possibilities. maybe I will do the same, but right now I am happy with my POWERMAT charger / skin.
    If I get tired of the coolness of the powermat, I will go country again. I have a NOKIA N95 that looks, well, do I say beat up or country? sometimes pretty much the same! I am looking forward to your case.
    Remember, KISS and that glue is a b**ch to get off of plastic.
    Have fun,
    2010-03-14 01:40 PM
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