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    2009-10-05 07:01 AM
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    No, if they say they arent compatible, then they arent. And you cant alter the FW to make them.

    You'll just have to keep looking for one that is compatible.
    2009-10-05 07:03 AM
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    The reason they wont work is because the pin-out order (there are several wires within the cable and they can be "mapped" differently within the software) can be changed through the FW.
    2009-10-05 07:14 AM
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    Or that.
    2009-10-05 07:22 AM
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    I'm in the same boat here - I had purchased a cable off of ebay and got nothing until I used a program from cydia called TV Out and even then all I got was audio from the movie files - NO video out at all. I was wondering how the iPhone could tell the difference between the cables - and mapping the different pins makes sense.

    Has anyone here successfully used the Apple-branded video out cable with OS 3.1? I'd go to the Apple Store myself but don't feel like a lecture from the Apple geniuses about my jailbroken iPhone...
    2009-10-05 07:26 PM
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    No it doesn't work. The cables all have authentication chips in them and the new OS locks out all the cables (like mine) You need to jailbreak your phone...
    2009-10-09 12:40 AM
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    **** apple. honestly just **** apple. I love my iphone but there is one thing that i absolutely hate about it. apple. this phone could be so much better, have so many more features, but apple loves to take those features away for shits and giggles. They didnt have to take out the video out feature but they did anyway because they could care less about their customers.
    2009-10-09 06:33 AM
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    ^^ OR... Apple is trying to stop these, however affordable, knockoffs from taking away from their profit. Think about it: You sell a specific cable for $50, but some knockoff does the same thing for $10. Do you think anyone is going to buy your cable? No. I do disagree with Apples original decision to use the chip that locked out all of the officially licensed iPod video accessories. That was bogus, but this is smart (in a sense)
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2009-10-09 08:55 AM
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    i was not referring to apple blocking out the 3rd party accessories but apple blocking the video out feature all together in 3.0 and 3.1. Regardless of what people say, Apple is run by a bunch of idiotic assholes. Steve jobs is cool though.
    2009-10-10 02:32 AM
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    I have iphone 3g 8gb fw 3.1.2 blackrained

    Just my experience:

    I bought a cable from ebay it was a 3rd party one it was 10 cents plus 2 something for shipping.

    I tried several thing to make it work first i downloaded TVOut found in Cydia but that did not work but did leave it installed.
    Then I looked at a youtube video found [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3plJUygdFM"]here[/ame] I did everything he said but it still did not work also did not remove or change anything back.
    Finally I installed Screensplitr and rebooted my phone and it worked but not always 100% try it out and see what you guys can do.

    Here is a video that I recorded using qik on my iphone while connected to my tv.
    2009-10-17 07:48 AM
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    I have also seen some video out from ebay and it really looked good. Looking forward to it. I hope I can get some good ones.
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    2009-10-18 07:18 PM
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    Your awesome worked great.. I searched everywhere for this info.
    2010-01-05 01:57 AM
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    Why not install TvOutTuner works a treat i have tv out now on eveythink im soo happy and best of i only payed a 1 pound for my tv lead from poundland in the uk
    2010-01-05 02:57 PM
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    i tried screespliter and it worked the first time then stopped, then i started looking into cydia and found (tvout2 mirror tvout) it works like nothing i have used before great app!
    it even works with a cable that the iphone showed me was not compatable with my iphone...
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    2010-01-08 02:19 AM