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    Hi peeps, I'm new to the forum so please forgive me if this has been asked before. I been having my iphone 3G 16G since they came out july 08 and I've always had it in a case and screen protector on it. The screen is flawless but the back of the housing has it's share of scratches. I bought a blue housing of ebay Blue Housing cover shell for Apple Iphone 3G 16GB 16 GB - eBay (item 160378325892 end time Dec-14-09 19:18:14 PST) I was wondering if there is a certain seller that has the best quality housings or is it a hit or miss thing. Also I didn't see a gallery or thead with just pic's of how everyone is customizing there iphones (housings, bezels, ant etc.)
    2009-11-16 08:26 PM
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    2009-11-16 11:34 PM
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    i agree, does anyone know where we can buy OEM housings?
    2009-11-16 11:44 PM