1. dis1krazyazn's Avatar
    what's the best armband/sportsband for the iphone 3gs? i've read mixed reviews about the belkin one and then some good things about the griffin streamline one. also i heard the h2o one is good even though it's for water but that it's good if you like to run in the rain except that it's bigger than most.

    i just want to know what's the best or what are the top armband/sportsband for my iphone 3gs so that it won't fall or get scratched up.

    also, i have an incase cover on my iphone, so if i get an armabnd i have to take it off everytime i use it right?
    2009-11-18 12:21 AM
  2. ZippyDan's Avatar
    i'm looking for the same thing

    all the Armbands listed on the app store are horrible (2 stars is the best):

    iPhone Cases, iPhone Armbands - Apple Store (U.S.)

    with the exception of this one

    Marware Sportshell Convertible for iPhone 3GS - Apple Store (U.S.)

    which has 4 stars, but says it is tough to get in and out of the case and is ridiculously priced.

    the only armband Best Buy sells gets a whopping 1.8 stars:

    2009-11-23 08:09 PM
  3. ronblade's Avatar
    Nice review. I am looking for more reviews like this to find the best one. Let me know if there is any. I need to get my desired one soon.
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    2009-11-26 05:48 PM
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    Common people, no replies. I am looking for the same. Bought a Iphone and need it urgently. Although i should have bought Nokia 5800 Express Music.
    2009-12-01 02:00 PM
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    Glad u asked!!!
    WE are on the same boat!!!

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    2009-12-24 08:49 AM