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  1. Half-Mafia's Avatar
    is the invisibleshield good for playing games on the iphone, ive seen a few videos that show that its got alot of grip, which is not good for me. i want my fingers to slide along the screen.

    if this is true then what other screen protector r good for playing games/ and maybe dont leave so many finger prints.

    2009-11-20 10:02 PM
  2. Half-Mafia's Avatar
    Thanks, ill look into that
    2009-11-23 01:52 AM
  3. Raptors's Avatar
    Don't buy invisibleshield, it's garbage, i put it on perfectly, in a couple weeks it was half peeled off
    2009-11-23 02:22 AM
  4. masterp0606's Avatar
    I don't like the Invisibleshield, I had it and ended up having to peel it off after a week. I don't know about the others but im going to try the Ghost Armor.
    2009-11-23 05:20 AM
  5. Ro-K's Avatar
    i like it. it protects but its not for gaming.. it sucks for gaming actually hurts my fingers.. dont get it!
    2009-11-23 05:48 AM
  6. ZippyDan's Avatar
    another vote for bestskinsever. ive used them since they opened. this ghost armor is new to me: what justifies the $5 higher price over bestskinsever?

    invisibleshield might be great, but when i found out about them i also found out about bestskinsever and have never felt like paying invisi's outrageous prices.
    2009-11-23 06:11 PM
  7. ZippyDan's Avatar
    It isn't tacky like all the other skins out there. Bestskinsever is the best price and the quality is better than invisibleshield, but it is still tacky which is annoying on the screen. Ghost armor screen protector with the BSE back skin would be an awesome setup.
    hmm, ive never thought of bse as tacky. it gives the phone maybe 10% more friction? it is barely noticeable and if anything it is good: keeps it from slipping. i've never had any trouble using the touchscreen efficiently.
    2009-11-24 05:47 AM
  8. ronblade's Avatar
    I think it is good in a sense that screen will be seen properly as well as the body. And it also protects well. Try it without any tension.
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    2009-11-26 03:47 PM