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    ok i am completely lost. i need it Just to hold it for using navigon/tom tom. Any suggestions on one? preferibly cheap but strong. Also itd be nice if it charged the phone, or at least left room for me to plug the phone in. What do you guys think??
    2009-11-23 01:38 AM
  2. metaserph's Avatar
    You at least Googled for "iPhone window mount", right?

    [ame= ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8]iphone window mount - Google Search[/ame]

    And suggestion: ProClip Mounting System - Device Holders and Dashboard Vehicle Mounts
    2009-11-23 02:14 AM
  3. Luigi453's Avatar
    You at least Googled for "iPhone window mount", right?

    iphone window mount - Google Search

    And suggestion: ProClip Mounting System*-*Device Holders and Dashboard Vehicle Mounts
    Yes i did. i saw like 5 of them. I have no idea which one is best though

    Also thanks for your suggestion, but the problem with those when i pulled up my car, They are either to low or block an airvent. but thanks =]
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    2009-11-23 02:37 AM
  4. corgi1's Avatar
    I just ordered the Kensington sound amplified cradle for iPhone (Windshield/Vent Car Mount with Sound Amplified Cradle for iPhone - K66627US - Kensington) for the same purpose as you want. I intend to use it to hold my iPhone when using it as a GPS. It has room to plug in a charger and it supposedly amplifies the sound thru a horn shaped part of the cradle. Kensington's list price is $40 but Amazon currently has it for $27 and free shipping. Looking forward to trying it out when it arrives in a couple days.
    2009-11-25 05:21 AM
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    I can not suggest anything about this topic only because I am facing the same problem. Guys I need serious help about this. Please let me know what to do.
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    2009-11-26 04:44 PM
  6. twalker3rd's Avatar
    I just bought the Griffin Window Seat. I like it. It holds the phone well, comes with 3 different holders. You can also change out the extensions to make it a little bigger or smaller.
    2009-12-02 03:31 PM
  7. yearoftherat's Avatar
    I picked up the Kensington sound amplified cradle from the local Apple store and so far I'm pretty happy with the product.
    My reason for selecting this unit over others is the sound amplification feature. Before I was barely able to hear my iPhone over the stereo but the Kensington actually works well.
    It comes with a window mount as well as a vent mount kit. I had in the past a generic vent mount and didn't like the heat coming thru the vent blasting the back of my iPhone when the weather got colder. The window mount grips my iPhone well and the you are able to view the phone in portrait or landscape mode.
    For charging, I use the Micro Auto Charger with Charge Sync Cable with work well too.
    Since I do not want to spend approx $125 for the TomTom or Magellan iPhone mount, this might be an option that fits your needs too.
    2009-12-04 01:59 AM
  8. CompoundBoost's Avatar
    The Kensington looks like it works nicely, even with a case. My question to bump this thread is, why would someone purchase the TomTom kit over something so much cheaper in price as the Kensington unit? What are the perks the TomTom kit has over others?
    2009-12-07 07:42 PM
  9. corgi1's Avatar
    I have had the chance to use my Kensington Sound Amplified mount for the past week. Here are my impressions/thoughts about it:

    The good:
    Easy to mount the iPhone in the holder, with or without a case on the phone
    Phone seems very secure in the mount, not likely to fall out
    Suction cup is strong, adheres to windshield very well
    Sound amplification is pretty good when iPhone is not in a case
    Can easily position phone in portrait or landscape mode
    Keeps iPhone at my fingertips while driving, easy to answer a call and use speakerphone

    The bad:
    Length of the flexible arm is a bit too long.
    The phone bounces while driving making it hard to read GPS screens and even harder to tap an icon on the screen. This is due to the long flexible arm and probably made worse in my truck (F-350 4x4) due to the stiff suspension. May not be a problem in a car with a softer ride.
    Sound is not amplified very well with a case on the iPhone because there is a bit of a gap left between the iPhone speaker and the rubber base on the mount. Kensington includes different rubber pieces to use with a bare iPhone or iPhones in cases, but they do not get a good seal with a case on. I have tried 4 different cases, the Griffin Reveal had the least amplification of them all. The inCase slider and a silicone case had a better seal and therefore better amplification.
    Only sound from the left speaker is channeled through the sound chamber. The part of the mount directly under the right speaker is just a hole with a piece of black foam padding.
    Many car charger connectors are a bit too big to fit in the gap at the bottom of the mount for charging the iPhone while driving. The connector must be very small, like the connector on the USB cable that came from Apple with the iPhone. My aftermarket car charger does not fit.

    The two main things that keeps this from being the perfect windshield mount is the bounciness of the phone while driving and lack of sound amplification when using a case, in particular the Griffin Reveal case, since that is my favorite case at the moment.
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    2009-12-30 06:41 PM
  10. RaginAsian55's Avatar
    Bought one on ebay.... Car Charger+Phone Mount Holder For Apple iPhone 3G 3GS - eBay (item 260511346594 end time Nov-23-09 14:20:21 PST)

    Think it wound up being $10 total for the car charger and window mount. Everything works great!
    2010-01-07 12:54 AM