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  1. summer nie's Avatar
    Some of my friend introduced this iPhone Case Battery(1900mAh) to me, and told me that it is very good, like the mophie product, but the price is more lower than that of mophie.
    i am not sure. Does anyone use it? if yes, how do think about it?
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    2009-11-25 08:57 AM
  2. HayWire's Avatar
    umm.. do you have the name??
    2009-11-26 09:45 PM
  3. ronblade's Avatar
    The case battery looks interesting. Users will surely get addicted to it as it has got a sleeky look. The classic touch of it gives users a real satisfaction. I hope the service will be satisfactory.
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    2009-11-29 09:50 AM
  4. ip3's Avatar
    i have seen this and am able to get them if anyone would like one, on the other hand anyone who got a mophie juice power case will agree with me that it is very annoying, every other time i try to use it it keeps telling me that this attachment is incompatible with this device, i will post up a screenshot asap.
    2009-11-30 03:21 AM
  5. Meche's Avatar
    For More information on that product you can visit their site Home page

    They call it 4-in-1 Kit for iPhone 3g, 3gs.. I am also using it and the price is good for only 49$.

    Technicaly it is the BEST iPhone innovated External Battery Pack with hidden inBuilt USB cable - Dual SIM adaptor - truely 1900mAh Battery Pack and a Smooth Touch Case Cover with Control Switches..

    The Dual SIM kit it comes with works Perfectly with 3G networks and simcards but need to divert one number to the other to get a dual standby mode..

    Also noticed the thin material used in the case does not effect your network reception unlike other cases that have network reception problem when you use them.

    Even Cheaper in eBay iphone dual sim kit, great deals on Electronics, Cell Phones PDAs on eBay!
    2009-12-01 06:06 AM